Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Get ready, we're going to have a fridge party!

As you know, I just got an extra fridge.  I have one that is assigned with the house, but this is an extra one for the garage. 

Why are we going to have a fridge party?  Because I am nosy want to see how you organize your fridge. 

Will you take a picture of the inside of it for me and will you explain how you organize it?  If you'd like to tell me about your refrigerator's freezer, I'd love to hear about it too.  Truly.  An organized freezer is a beautiful thing.

I love to glean ideas from other people's organization.  I'm not as FlyLady would call, "Born Organized."  My mom?  Yes.  And my sisters.  But not me.  Noooo.  I need lots of training and ideas.

So, now you have something to blog about this week.  or next.  Make a post and leave your link in the comments.  Check here to learn how to post a link in the comment's section.  Or you can just use your words to tell me in my comments how you organize (if you're not up to taking pictures of your food).

Thank you.  And I'll post pictures of mine when we get the fridge into a good space in the garage.


Sara said...

The food safety/food scientist in me requires that I comment on this post. :)

If all my shelf space was the same size I would do it like this:
From bottom to top: Chicken, Pork, Beef, Seafood/Eggs, Dairy and ready-to-eat foods. This way if anything leaks it doesn't get salmonella in your string cheese.

Unfortunately my fridge has some big shelves and some small shelves. So I still put raw things that will be cooked on the bottom shelf, and ready to eat things above them. Of course milk and tall things have to be at the top, which they should be in any case.

I do the same thing in the freezer. raw things below cooked or ready to eat things. That way nobody gets sick!

Nikki said...

Sara- Have I mentioned before how super-awesome you are? Cuz you are! Thanks for the cool tip. I'm going to have to consider that in my re-organizing of my fridges and freezers. (if shelf size accommadates)

Laurie/Mom/Grandma said...

I will have to post on this one, but I have ten minutes before I leave for choir. I'm a turntable fanatic, including in the fridge (which was actually my mom's idea first) and my daughter in law Kristin got featured on Rachael Ray showing that off.

Nikki said...

Laurie- WOW! I can't wait!! I never thought of using a turntable. Now I'm going to have to do some googling in the meantime.

Lisa said...

waaah, my sister and my mom beat me to all my suggestions... which are truly theirs, so I am glad they did.

My only good tips are to clearly mark all your items, along with the date you put them in, and rotate. It isn't a bad idea to keep a list, maybe on a dry erase board or something, of what is in the outside fridge that needs to be used. That way your husband and kids (older especially) can help you out. This would be particularly smart after big holidays or times when you have a ton of leftovers.

Lisa Loo said...

After those posts mine would just be the one that shows you how NOT to do things ---so I'll just watch and learn on this one :0)

Julie V. said...

Organized fridge? What's that? Ok, I do try to put produce in the right bin, and meat in the meat drawer, but you know me...I just try to squeeze as much in as I can! Have to have an extra fridge for the gallons of milk, juice, etc. My goal is to just make sure nothing grows in there!

Have fun with extra space :)

Laurie/Mom/Grandma said...

I finally got a post made for you! You can go and see it here.


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