Wednesday, April 06, 2011

About Me ABC's

I haven't done a meme in ages.  But I saw this on one of my favorite blogs, 11th Heaven's Homemaking Haven, and decided to do it too.  Don't run off, I'm not going to tag you.  Sit down and see if you learn anything new about me.  Okay?  And if you decide to do it, link back so I can come read yours as well.

Age: 34

Bed Size: King-size

Chore You Hate:  Cleaning the kids bathroom.  I have five boys.  Granted they don't all use it.  The three oldest boys make it very obvious that boys use that bathroom.  grossss.

Dogs:  None.

Essential Start of Your Day: Prayer and a large glass of water.  and more prayer.

Favorite Color: Yellow

Gold or Silver: I love the way silver looks-- but I'm allergic to anything that's not gold.

Height: 5'5

Instruments You Play: Piano (25 years), flute, clarinet, recorder, nose.  hahaha

Job Title: homemaker, chaser of little people, mommy, chauffeur, maid, nurse, cook, baker, teacher, blogger

Kids: 7, ages 9, 7, 5, 3, 19 months, 19 months, 4 1/2 months

Live: California

Mom's Name: would I really blog that?  no ma'am.

Nicknames: Nikki, Nik, Nikki-tikki-tavi (only to my parents)

Overnight Hospital Stays: Baby deliveries, preterm babies

Pet Peeve: When people wash their towels with their clothes in the same load!

Quote From a Movie: "You are evil and must be destroyed."

Right- or Left-Handed: Right

Siblings: 3 sisters, 1 brother

Time You Wake Up: when Peach wants to nurse around 6:30 a.m.

Underwear: Mormon-style; over the shoulder, down to the knees

Veggie You Dislike: Okra.   When Mom and Dad weren't looking we'd donate it to the Scouts food drive. 

What Makes You Run Late: Loading the diaper bag for church, and when the twins strip off their clothes and socks and shoes before we get them in the van, when Peach poops out of her outfit or spit-ups all over mine.

X-Rays You Have Had: Dental, Ultra Sounds, wrist, ankles, spine

Yummy Food You Make:  hmm... cinnamon raisin bread, cheesecake, cookies,  Let's just say:  desserts.

Zoo Animal You Like Best: The otters.


Lisa said...

I'm laughing so hard at the okra-food-drive comment! I can't count how many cans of hominy we donated to the food drive! :)

Feywriter said...

I used to be one of those who threw the clothes in with the towels... But no more! I'm reformed since reading your blog.

Fun meme! I'll post my answers tomorrow. :)

Nikki said...

Lisa- I'm sure we would've donated hominy if it was in the food storage. lol

Mary- I'm glad that I've encouraged at least one person towards the ways of better laundry. ;) I can't wait to read your meme.

Lisa Loo said...

I don't want to do the meme but I loved reading yours especially how you described Mormon underwear :0)

Julie V. said...

chuckling over the okra disposal system and the favorite zoo animal (readers need to connect to your hubby's blog to understand why I smile about the otters!)

Laureena said...

Yay for Steel Magnolias!!!! The BEST movie ever!!!!

Towels with clothes? Hmmm... guess I've gotta search your blog, 'cause I'm guilty!

Nikki said...

Julie V.- LOL That's not why I like the otters. I liked them before they publicly embarrassed themselves.

Laureena- YAY! You got it! I haven't seen it in ages. We had it on video and we haven't had a VCR in a while.

And I'd have never guessed you as a mixer of towels and clothes. I actually haven't posted much on it. But I think I will. I can always use new blog fodder.

Feywriter said...

Got my Meme answers up. :)

Renee' said...

I've tried to post on here three times now & just can't seem to get it right. Love to answer these Nikki.


Nikki said...

Renee'-- You are welcome to answer in the comments if you don't want to blog them. Or you can email me if you like. FloorNeedsMopping(at)gmail(dot)com


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