Tuesday, March 08, 2011

When I was 16ish I romanticized the idea

 of losing my sight or hearing.  (Think Anne of Green Gables type imagination.)  Wouldn't it be tragic?  Which would I pick if had to give one up?  Which one would go if I was given a choice? 

Definitely my sight.  Then I would still be able to hear music and sing and play the piano.  I could get a seeing-eye dog.  I love golden retrievers.  This would work out great.
Po doggy picture from here

Definitely my hearing.  I could then still see the beauty of the world.  I know sign language.  I'd be set if I lost my hearing.  Yes, I'd like to go deaf please if I'm going to lose one of my senses.

It never entered into my preconceived notions of all that is sad, and romantic, and tragic in my highly vivid 16 year old imagination to lose my sense of taste and smell.

And that's where I'm at.  It's hardly romantic. And it all started last July. 

It's not completely gone.  not yet anyway.

On my best smell/taste days, I can detect about 25%.  But on most days 5-10%.  Some days there's nothing there at all.

Yesterday was one of my good smell/taste days.  And while babysitting two toddlers I learned (while changing them) that they had Rotavirus.  It is extremely pungent.  I was like, "What the heck?  Why do I have to smell this of all things?"

It took a few minutes to decide to bother their mother and inform her in case she wanted to call the Pediatrician before they closed for the day.

And it took me another few minutes of observing her daughter talking sweetly and quite closely to Peach and my twins drinking out of her children's sippy cups to help me make the decision to send them home.  RIGHT THEN. 

I felt really bad about sending them home a half-hour early.  Her hubby is deployed and this is why I take her kids on Monday afternoons-- to give her a break.  She felt bad that her kids likely contaminated mine.  She couldn't know, ya know? 

I, however, have had the pleasure of at least four bouts of Rotavirus run through our family and I know how to recognize it.

Anyhow, last night at about oh, midnight, I had a meltdown.  I was confused and overwhelmed and downright annoyed that I had to add sanitizing the toys and everything in the living room and dining room on top of everything else that overwhelms me

I lamented to Danny about my nose and its state of affairs.  I even told him,

"If you decide to remarry after my nose offs me, pick a wife that is highly organized and efficient."

All I got was a mumbled, 

"You're not gonna die."  *zzzzzzzz*   *snore*


Susan said...

Oh my, this is funny.

And tragic!

And oh so funny.

Good luck, my friend!! Hope that somehow, you escape from the rotavirus!

Lisa said...

Nope, not romantic at all.

It seems our husbands always have the best responses when we have our midnight meltdowns. My husband laughed hysterically when I woke him up at 2 am crying my guts out thinking I had a brain tumor and was about to die. I kinda wanted to slug him. But I hugged him instead, because he was right.

My aunt has no sense of smell. I feel bad for her because she has no joy in spices. But hers has been her whole life. I've never heard of someone losing their sense of smell or taste that quickly. How very strange! I hope it does come back!

Lisa Loo said...

Can I just say----


I am completely overwhelmed for you!! You must have been Zena Warrior Princess in another life. Have I said that before?

Hope things get better son--hang in there!

Laurie/Mom/Grandma said...

Actually, my sister-in-law was born without a sense of smell. I always wondered how she knew to change a poopie diaper. But she and my brother (who put out one eye in an accident) go along disabled without anyone knowing it (and very successfully I might add.)

Nikki said...

Lisa and Laurie- My neighbor (who happens to be the one mentioned) doesn't have a sense of smell either. I often wonder how keen her sense of taste is. When it comes to poopy diapers, I know she peeks into their diapers hourly to check.

Mom2my10 @ 11th Heaven said...

Okay, it's really sad that you can't smell, but that last sentence was hysterical. zzzzzz... snore. How often have I hard that!


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