Thursday, March 31, 2011

Three questions for Thursday

1.  If your children have a tendency toward irreverence during pack meeting, would you:

a.  Spend the time traveling to the meeting in full-lecture mode.
b.  Bribe them. 
c.  Threaten them.
d.  Forbid them from going.

2.  If the day is unseasonably warm and your children remember the promise of playing in the water on 80°+ days, would you: 

a.  let them play in the sprinklers (after they pull the weeds so they don't grow more) and then plan on doing two extra loads of laundry that day.
b.  Send the oldest four to the beach with Daddy to get covered in tiny bugs and sand and almost wash out to sea and plan on doing two extra loads of laundry.
c.  Point out it's really only 76°.
d.  Tell them they can choose a or b if they do the laundry.

3.  Would you rather take the time to wash 600 diapers a month or pay for 600 diapers a month?

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Lisa said...

1a, 2d, 3.... buy.

Heather said...

1. I would try "a" first, but keep the lecture simple (such as 3 behaviors they cannot do). I would then tell them that if they do any of the 3, they won't attend the next meeting.
2. Get an outdoor thermometer and pray for cooler weather to prevail :)
3. Neither? I guess I would choose to wash the 600, but I sure don't envy your position!

Anonymous said...

Telling my kid he couldn't go to the next pack meeting would be extremely delightful for him, so that won't work here. :) Threatening not to be able to do something else like go to a friend's house is more up our alley!

Since I have a hard time folding the laundry we already have, I wouldn't vote for washing diapers. I guess you don't really have to fold them though, but how often to you have to put them in the wash so they don't stink up the joint? That could be an issue for me.

Roosh said...

Okay my answers are A, A, and definitely PAY for diapers. My sanity is important, and time very valuable.

Roosh said...

Okay I meant D for #1. It is simply not worth the fight and disruption to have them there. Often times my younger 2 stay home with Dad when it's something where reverence is needed. Like when I had to go to a small wedding, you could hear a pin drop. The little one definitely stayed home with a sitter.


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