Sunday, March 06, 2011

Next time you go to the zoo

and you happen upon a Momma with a Baby Girl in a sling, twin toddlers in a double stroller, and four pint-size people following her around it is not okay to tell her how impressed you are with how well-behaved they are. 

This will guarantee in a matter of 90 seconds their rapid-decline into fighting children with horribly bad in-a-public-place-manners.  Gremlins and angry eyebrows will emerge. 


Lisa said...

I'll keep that in mind... Would it be better to quietly slip a $10 and a note saying "You're doing awesome!" to the mom and walk away silently?

(as if I ever had $10...)

Susan said...

Um, that's just funny. Just sayin'.

Cynthia said...


Add to the list that it's never okay to tell a Mom with twins younger than yours that it 'gets harder'. I can't believe how many people said that to me. Seriously? Telling a drowning Mom that it will 'get harder' is mean (even if it WERE true- and don't worry, it's not!)

Julie V. said...

So true!


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