Thursday, March 10, 2011

I put on a pair of tie-up shoes today.

Dear Journal,

I put on a pair of tie-up shoes today.  I haven't done that the entire time we've lived in Sunny California. 

I just felt like I'd protect my toes a little bit while mowing the lawn.  I had a good friend lose two and a half toes.

My dad referred to him after that tragic incident as "Toeless Ben."  My dad is awesome like that.

I didn't want to be "Toeless Nikki."


Rach said...


Mary Ann said...

Hahahaha! Growing up, we had relatives who mowed barefoot. (Talk about dangerous!!!!) But we had to wear shoes. Our family valued their toes. :-)

Noelle said...

You mow the lawn too???

Nikki said...

Noelle- You crack me up. Sadly, it's only like the second or third time in two years. Danny usually does it. But he went to the Pinewood Derby with the oldest four. I had it easy. I started a loaf of bread, mowed the lawn as a surprise, and showered while letting the twins watch Sesame Street for two hours in a row and eat French fries. Don't be impressed. They were from the freezer aisle at the commissary. Talk about an evening of toddler-gluttony.


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