Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sleeping like a baby

This is a fairly female post.  Terms in it may offend your senses.  However, there's no swearing.  You'll never find swearing here.  It's just female.  You have been forewarned-- you three guys that read my blog.  ;)  For something a little lighter, read the previous post

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From the time my Pookie was a newborn I had heard of babies that "sleep through the night." 

Surely they don't exist, it's just an Urban Legend.  I'd reason with myself. 

My newborn certainly didn't sleep through the night.  Not at birth, not at three months, 6 months, a year, or even 18 months!

It wasn't until I was pregnant with my Gabbers that I learned the term "sleeping through the night" means five uninterrupted hours for the exclusively bre*stfed baby.  This, however, also means you're likely to resume ovulation. 

So I was okay with my baby not sleeping through the night.  Periods?  No thank you.  I'd rather not.

Then I had Bun and Hammy.  Two more non-sleep-through-the-nighters.  I was fine with it.  really.  Because I co-sleep with my babies.  There I said it world.  We co-sleep with our babies!  It helped everyone get a better night's sleep.  I have a king-size bed which makes it easier.  I'm also a no-nonsense bed maker. 

Translation:  I do not have half a dozen lovely decorative pillows and layers of fluffy comforters on my bed. 

If I did, they'd end up all over my room when enthusiastic little boys caught eye of them. 
Tater & Squdge and a poor innocent book

Then I had the twins:  Tater & Squdge.  These two due to posterior tongue-tie and tight jaws and my poor milk supply (at least at first) could not nurse.  They slept the longest though-- four hour stretches, usually waking at the same time.  Danny would change and feed them while I'd pump more milk-- at least for the first six months.  He was probably more sleep-deprived than me.

Then, because I stopped pumping at six months,

along came Baby Girl-- a sweet little blessing we are so glad to have a part of our family.  And guess what?  She sleeps through the night.  Seven to Ten hours!  And we did not Ferberize her. 

Now I live in fear of Aunt Flo returning. 


Marcy said...

Congrats at having a baby that sleeps through the night! I finally let mine cry and get over it at about 8 or 9 months.

And, I've never had a reprieve from Aunt Flo (except when pregnant) even though I nursed exclusively with my girls and almost exclusively with my boy. I'm just not one of those lucky ones.

A. said...

Co-sleeping rocks! I am jsut far too lazy to be one of those moms who can get up in the night and go, what feels like 50 miles, across the hall to my baby's room. Let alone stay awake for nusing. I tried that with my first, and after falling asleep and her almost rolling off my lap, we never did it again. lol

I got my period back at 5 months with my first. I felt so cheated. I nursed her around the clock exclusively and didn't even use a pacifier. My next we had a pacifier the first year AND she slept many hours in the night...didn't get it back for a year. lol I had to wean to get it back after a year for the next one. Now, Im going on 10 months with nothing in sight.

Do I hear the signs of baby #8 coming soon? ;)

Nikki said...

Amy- LOL! I hope Danny doesn't read your comment. He thinks we're done. But quite honestly, I'd like to enjoy her time as a baby before welcoming another. And I'd like to lose about 60 lbs.

Susie J. said...

So the big question at this point is... what color to start knitting the tiny baby things? hehehe

Rach said...

YEAH for little baby girls. I have heard of these myths too of cute little ones that all by themselves sleep through the night. I have to HELP them....but I'm so happy to hear that somebody has got that precious baby that sleeps. Yeah I haven't seen from Aunt Flo in a good 5 years...I'm a little terrified when she returns. AAAHHHHH!

Sarah said...

well, our baby slept through the night from 3 months on, while I still nursed. I stopped at 6mon for many reasons that all seemed to pile up. It wasn't until I stopped nursing all the way that aunt flo came back. Anyway, it's great that you get a few extra hours of sleep!

Julie V. said...

Ah, Memories! For TWENTY years I was either pregnant or nursing a baby! Sleeping through the night was a rarity and kids climbing into bed were a regular event. on the positive side - Aunt Flo was a rare visitor! Eventually you, too will be able to have undisturbed nights and the visits from Aunt Flo will be no more!

Anonymous said...

You have a great blog, but it bothers me you won't say breastfed! It's not dirty; it's how our little ones eat. God gave us breasts to feed them. Breasts, not bre*sts.

Nikki said...


You are of course correct, and I am not ashamed of the word or the concept. In fact I am decidedly non-prudish both in the bloggity world and real life.

I choose to spell it that way based on one simple fact: I use Stat Counter to track several things, including how people find my site; and I know how easily a keyword search for a word like bre*sts will bring an entirely unwholesome crowd of web-surfers to my site.

Lisa said...

I'm giggling uncontrollably at this post. It's just so... female. I know you warned me, but it makes me smile because we all think alike.

Every woman is different, really, so I wouldn't read too much into those old wives' tales. Just know your body and be prepared.

I, personally, am like clockwork with the dear "Aunt Flo." So I kind of liked having my period back so I could track my ovulation and use a very natural method of contraception with no worries. While I was nursing Annalisa, I was lucky enough to be period-free for almost a year. So, I hope the same thing for you. And as long as your little girlie is nursing exclusively, she's probably still getting as much milk as a baby who wakes multiple times a night; she just gets hers during the day. So what I'm saying is, if it comes back, it comes back. It's not because of sleep. Enjoy the sleep, though, because that's a blessing you can enjoy every day, even if it means trading a week of blah a month for it!

Laura said...

I'm giggling at the end of the post, but had to click over to say I thought you were letting us know another little one was on it's way. Whew! for you, that you're having a respite. :-)

Anonymous said...

Nikki, that makes sense. Very smart! Thanks for explaining.


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