Sunday, January 23, 2011

Three weeks to break a bad habit

Guess what?  It's been 21 days since I last ate chocolate, 23 days since carbonation, and a month since caffeine (ie. Mt. Dew and Vault).  I've dreamed about it a handful of times only to wake up thinking, "No!  I can't believe I ate/ drank..." realizing, phew, just a nightmare.

Any of your New Year's Resolutions holding strong?


Lisa said...

Way to go! Chocolate, carbonation, and caffeine all in one year? You really are quite the woman. :)

Cody and I have read a few more chapters of the New Testament... so, we're getting there.

Susan said...

Way to go Nikki!! I couldn't do that. I've been trying to de-sugar myself and it's not going well. I must come up with an alternate plan. And soon. ;) Keep up the good work!

Jo said...

No wonder I'm eating so much Dove--I'm eating all your share and some other peoples' share!

FluffyChicky said...

I was doing so good about not drinking the soda, but the past few months I have HAD to have it! Grr. Thanks preggo cravings. Maybe after The Fetus makes its appearance I can quit again. :)

A. said...

So it's not a New Years resolution, but I wanted to chime in on the 3 weeks to break a habit line. I always heard that too, and figured after HAVING to be off so many thing (chocolate being a big one) for so many months, that I could use the opportunity to let go of the bad habits. NOPE! Every day I crave chocolate oh so much. I have now found an allergen free chocolate chip cookie the baby can tolerate through my milk and whenever I eat it, it's like an addict savoring their high. I was SO bummed! I thought I wouldn't have the cravings anymore.

Anyhow... I'm so happy for you and your goals! You are doing GREAT! There is something different aboutwanting to do something and needing to do it too. That's probably why you are being so successful. :)

Mrs Morty said...

Growing up my family went off chocolate and carbonation for years and we all had "chocolate nightmares" of people forcing us to eat chocolate! Hang in there!! You can do it!

Nikki said...

Lisa- Super goal! I'd like to do that too.

Susan- I WISH I could de-sugar myself. There's so much sugar still in my life.

Mom- I'm pretty sure I ate EVERYBODY's share of chocolate the first two days of the year.

FluffyChicky- All hail the all powerful fetus. I understand. really I do.

Amy- Baby Girl spits up monstrous amounts when I eat chocolate-- thus the goal. Unfortunately, she is still spitting up more than "normal" and I need to figure out what is causing it.

Mrs. Morty- That's so funny. I had to share your comment with Danny. I wonderful if the cravings for and nigtmares about chocolate will ever stop.

A. said...

Nikki - dairy is usually a big culprit. If you cut it out you have to cut out every minute bit and for 4 weeks at least.

Nikki said...

Amy- That is not a happy thought. I ♥ milk. :(

Julie V. said...

I am very impressed! I went without any chocolate for three years (bad for heart) I can only handle a little at a time. You can do it!

Renee' said...

What is baby girls cute nickname going to be? I'm very curious.

Nikki said...

Renee'- I'm still debating between creating a blog one for her or seeing if we naturally call her something other than her given name.

The kids add an "-ee" to the end of her name since it's only one syllable. The "ee" makes it sound younger too. It's an old name.

Pookie refers to her as "my Peach," because of her fuzzy little head.

And hey, Peach would fit in with all the food names!

Five of the six kids before her were nicknamed those nicknames at home except Tater. But now we call him that too-- thanks to the blog. lol!


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