Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Something must be seriously wrong with me.

As you know, I currently have three kids under a year and a half.  One of which will be 2 months tomorrow.  And there are four older than a year and a half-- but not yet in the double-digits. 

Well, there's this wickedly enchanting site that I belong to called Multiples and More.  And honestly, I try not to read it because I get these illusions of grandeur after reading a post like this one, and think,

Wouldn't it be awesome if I hadn't lost one and actually had triplets?  or quads?  Maybe my next pregnancy will be a multiple one again...


Maybe I just need to make it a goal to not read posts at midnight.  Good-night my peeps.


Lisa said...

I must admit, after reading YOUR blog, Nikki, a teensy part of me hoped for twins with this pregnancy. But right about now, I'm re-reading your posts about the twin pregnancy and what you were feeling at thirty weeks... and I'm grateful that I am only carrying one. It's better for her health. Better for mine.

But it would be kinda fun, wouldn't it....?

Julie V. said...

actually, that is pretty scary!


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