Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dear Toothless Shopper at the local Wal-Mart,

Thank you for taking interest in my Gabbers today when she insisted on showing you her wiggly tooth while you were ogling how many children I have and their striking resemblances to each other.

After that wonderful lecture with visual aids about the benefits of brushing, my Gabbers came home and plucked her wiggly tooth right out.  She then proceeded to power-brush her teeth like nobody's business.
All the years of demonstration, example, and reminders couldn't scare the crap out of her as much as your two-toothed grin.



Lisa said...

Ha ha! For once, the imprudence of strangers saves the day!

Susan said...

Oh that is funny! Go Gabbers!!

Lisa Loo said...




I love your sense of humor AND your ability to convey it in writing.
Where and when you find the time to write is still a mystery!

I love that you left a mini novel in my comments--I feel like it gives me a peek into the "real" person! :0)

Julie V. said...

oh, that is so funny! Hurray for those moments that buoy us up!


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