Tuesday, November 02, 2010

WHEN should Pookieville give thanks??

The C-section is scheduled for the day before Thanksgiving, November 24th.  The twenty-fourth of November is also my sister's birthday.  I'm pretty excited for baby girl to share the same birthday as her.  She's a pretty awesome sister. 

I am realizing that this Thanksgiving through Christmas season is going to be a crazy blur.  So, I'm thinking of setting up my Christmas tree early, ie. this week.  shh!  Don't tell Danny.

Anyhow, I would like to hear your opinion. 

Ye that celebrate Thanksgiving, what would you vote for:
a.  celebrating Thanksgiving early- like a week early about November 18th

b.  celebrate Thanksgiving late- like after I'm home from the hospital (10-14 days post-partum)

c.  let them make their own turkey, stuffing, potatoes, pies, rolls, etc. while I nosh on hospital Thanksgiving food most likely from pathology - this translates to the home people possibly eating boxed stuffing, Sara Lee pies, bakery rolls, and turkey in a box sans veggie platter and cheeseball.


Susie J. said...

My vote: Make it a Sunday Dinner on the 21st.

Lisa Loo said...

My husband has worked up in Alaska for the the last 21 years. He works 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off, so we are always celebrating at different times than what the calendar says. We have learned that it doesn't matter--we make the rules not the calendar. This year we are having it on the 21st and since I am having surgery on the 12th my 22 and 21 year old and hubby will be manning the kitchen. Should be interesting!
Sorry--just kind took over your comment section.
I vote for the 21st and then on the "other" Thanksgiving just give thanxs for that new little squish and have a bowl of Thanksgiving cereal.

Sarah M said...

this is a very good question. I can't decide early or later. I like them both--but later will just mean you have your hands more full. (But we can help with that. :D ) I guess I'll vote option A. (wahoo, i voted today)

FluffyChicky said...

Nothing wrong with eating nothing but Sara Lee pies. I'd vote for eating just pie anytime!

But, if you want to be all on top of things, go for the early on the 18th...that way you still have a few days to get everything else done that you want to before you go to the hospital.

Lisa said...

Okay. There are many factors in the works here.

1) How are you feeling now? Do you have energy to put together a big dinner?

2) Will there be family or friends around who would take your kiddos in for dinner on actual T-Day?

3) How addicted are you to Thanksgiving leftovers?

4) Do you typically have a long and arduous recovery? You will, after all, have an incision to heal along with the normal post partum stuff.

5) most importantly, how much do you love Thanksgiving?

I would probably do Thanksgiving early with your kids. That way you can freeze leftover turkey and other leftovers, so they're ready to eat when you get back. But keep it simpler this year. Just make 1 or 2 kinds of pies. Use Rhodes rolls. And invite over some friends and ask them to bring most of the side dishes. :)

I had a cousin who delivered her baby the day before Thanksgiving (not planned). Her husband and older boy went to a family dinner in the same town, and brought her a plate of food. Her mom brought her a plate of food too. Her friends brought her Thanksgiving Pie. The hospital brought up food. When I went to visit her, she was so happy! She was walking around, eating all this food and reveling in the quiet Thanksgiving.

Besides, if you celebrate Thanksgiving late, it will REALLY smash up your Christmas season. So yes. Set up the tree early. Have T-day early. Try to get shopping done before you deliver (remember, carseats are heavy to tote around!). And mostly, enjoy every moment!

MaryRuth said...

Early! Do they do anything on base (or post... whatever they call it where you are)?

My husband grew up military and they always had it on Base.

So maybe do a family one early and let the fam do one on base on the actual day if its offered.

p.s. not a darn thing wrong with using Sara Lee pies! :)

Leslie said...

Wowza - a baby on my birthday! that would be the best birthday ever!!! I sure hope that's the day now that you got me all excited about it.

My vote is to do it early - maybe a full week or whenever is the best day for you. Definitely not after - that would be too exhausting with a new baby.

And I agree with MaryRuth - nothing wrong with Sara Lee pies! I tried the pumpkin ones last year when I got a smokin' coupon deal on them and they taste almost as good as homemade. Seriously just like only a smidge difference than homemade and Troy thought just as good as homemade. For the price I got them, I stocked up and still have two left that I might use this Thanksgiving.

Laurie/Mom/Grandma said...

I vote early and simple. Ditto Lisa and Lisa Loo

A. said...

My vote is for early too. That way you can participate too. :)

Jerusha said...

Early and simple as well. Do go overboard. Although lots of leftovers will make great dinners while you're away. Good luck with everything.

Ms. Leigh said...

Ben was born on the 24th, and it was the day before Thanksgiving! :) My parents made Thanksgiving dinner and I was able to come home that day, so it didn't affect our plans. I'd say early if you feel up to it. If not, if family is town, let them prepare the feast and bring you some to the hospital. :)

Good luck!


Lisa Douglas said...

Have an early dinner. Keep it simple. We always liked doing early potluck Thanksgivings with all our friends and family. That pretty much only made us responsible for the Turkey and our friends came with all the other food!


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