Sunday, November 21, 2010

Seven. A lucky number?

Yesterday while shopping at the commissary with my mom, she asked me why I don't have any gray hairs.  I told her, "I do.  I have four of them.  They grow here, here, here, and here," I pointed out. 
Then she told me that at my age (33) she was starting to color her hair to hide the gray. 

Well, tonight after shining the sink and mirror in my bathroom I looked a little closer inspecting my hair.  I found a gray hair.  and another.  and another.  All in the same spot!  I was horrified and began the plucking process.

When I was done there was a total of SEVEN that I plucked-- All in the same spot!  I waved my tweezers at my mom and said, "You jinxed me!  I just found seven gray hairs!"

Then I went and found Danny and told him my sad, sad news.  He didn't seem the slightest bit ruffled by my bad fortune.  He simply said, "Well, you know about my gray nose hair."

I was going to say that "Gray hair on men is distinguished but on a woman it looks old,"  when he followed up with, "You have seven kids.  What do you expect?"

No sympathy.  I am grateful that I have such thick hair that my head won't notice seven discarded ones. 


Teachinfourth said...

Be grateful that you don't have 8 kids...

Lisa said...

:) I've found a few in my hair... I'm thinking, c'mon, I'm only 25! Ugh! What we women give for our kiddos...


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