Saturday, October 30, 2010

Every few years or so, I have had the opportunity to have a near-death experience to help me truly appreciate life.

Last night we believe it was Charlie we have to thank for it. 
update:  I realized after JoAnn's comment that it was unclear what happened.  I also realize I didn't link to any Charlie posts.  Charlie is our pet guinea pig.  He is the only thing we can figure I had an allergic reaction to. 

Pookie wrote a note to go on the fridge saying at what time and how much Benadryl I took in case I wasn't coherent enough when someone showed up.

Danny learned how to inject me with an Epi-Pen.

I learned that having a phone associated with a Voice Over Internet Protocol can delay the immediate response one wishes for when calling 911. 

The neighbors learned how alive our block gets with a visit from the ambulance, firetruck, and cops. 

And I'm pretty sure the neighbors thought I was giving birth in my living room. 

Baby girl in utero learned what half a Benadryl, Epinephrine, Terbutaline, Albuterol and Oxygen make her feel like.

Angela, my friend and neighbor, learned what it was like to put 8 kids to bed simultaneously.  The real challenge was in the four kids under two years  (her two being confused as to why they were sleeping at our house).

And after starving in the ER and then in Labor & Delivery for a few hours, Danny and I learned that on our way home shortly before midnight, Taco Bell drive-thru is the one place open late in our small town.

By the way, if you've been checking back for pictures on Gabbers birthday cookies, I'm not posting them.  They were ugly, yummy, but ugly.


JoMamma said...

I am glad that you were well enough to post, but I need more details. I don't need them right away just when you get a chance.

Lisa said...

Glad to hear you're okay... allergies can be really scary and serious!

FluffyChicky said...

Holy freak lady! How awful for everyone!

Leslie said...

What the heck?! You never mentioned this when you called!!! I need details, too! Maybe it's time to bid Charlie adieu if he's the reason why and nix any future pets. That is quite the freaky experience!

A. said...

if he's been your pet then why would you jsut now be having a reaction to him? how scary!!!

I'm so glad you (and baby girl) are ok.

Julie V. said...

Holy Smoke! No wonder your hubby didn't answer the phone Sat. night when I called.....probably wasn't the little critter though...did you eat something new??? Very Scary!


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