Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Miss me? Here's my day in a nutshell.

Danny took the babies to the Urgent Care Clinic.  It's probably not super-urgent, but the base never, and I mean NEVER, has available appointments with the Pediatrician. 

Tater started a fever Friday afternoon.  It was only 103.5° F.  By the next evening Squdge had a fever of 104.5° F.  With two babies with crazy fevers, we drained our stash of children's Tylenol and are on our last of the Motrin. 

So Danny took the babies because I feel like a day-old puke.  I've been dizzy for a few days.  I suspect it's the congestion that I've had for about a month now. 

Tater has a rattle in his chest to accompany his fever of brain-singeing degrees. 

It appears that Squdge has ruptured an eardrum.  I don't know for sure.  It just looks all drained out and bloody and crusted over.

Danny has been awesome getting up with them while I snooze right through the night (not counting multiple bathroom visits, of course).  But since Danny was taking them to the clinic, and not me, and since he is more sleep-deprived than normal, I was concerned he might, um, mix them up.  So I marked them.  There's a T on Tater's hand and an S on Squdge's hand.  Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do. 

We got the washer repaired today.  again.  It's been possessed.  It likes to fill up on its own-- and even occasionally leak on the floor. 

When the man came out two weeks ago to assess it, he told me he'd have to order some parts and return at a later date to fix it.  When sheduling the return visit he said, "Do you mind if we return on a Saturday?  That way you won't have the day-care kids.  Right?"  HAHAHAHA.

I forgot how much three year olds talk.  I swear my Hammy, who's not so much a Gremlin anymore, has diarrhea of the mouth.  He needs a muzzle.  His batteries never run out.

Schooling is going better.  Pookie and Gabbers aren't randomly yelling out answers to Bun's lessons anymore.  But now I find Hammy peeking over their shoulders reading stuff out loud-- as well as begging for school for himself.  Sometimes it's when I'm trying to quiz Bun and Hammy is standing there going, "Mommy, mommy, MOMMY, why it say 'apple?'  Why it say 'GO GO GO?'  Why I can't have school?  I'm big.  Mommy, Mommy!! MY TURRRRRNNN!  Oh man."  The "Oh man" thing.  He got that from Danny.  And it cracks me up. 


Cynthia said...

I am totally exhausted just reading that- can't imagine LIVING it. You are amazing! I hope the boys recover quickly- those are some scary fevers.

Julie V. said...

Oh - poor, sick babies! Are they doing better?
Remember when you were concerned because Hammie WASN'T talking? My toddlers were always a part of our home schooling...that's why they learned to read early, etc....just give the little guy some of his own school work and he'll be a happy camper!
Sorry about the need for another washer repair, but the guy's "Day Care" comment was sure funny!

Gotta have a sense of humor!

Lisa said...

How many times am I going to read your blog and get completely blown away? Apparently one more... you amaze me, Nikki. I'm proud of Hammy reading already--that's so awesome! And I hope the babies get feeling better very, very soon.

Susan said...

Holy cow, Nikki!! Could you have another thing going on at your house? I'm in awe of anyone brave enough to homeschool, but especially for you, with all the little ones in the mix. Sheesh. That's a handful! And you are doing it!!

Awesome. Just awesome.

Nikki said...

You all make me feel so good about myself. When in reality I'm thinking, Haven't I learned my lesson? Must I do things the hard way?? But thanks for your kind thoughts.

Laureena said...

Sorry about the babies... hope they get feeling better soon! (But, Yay Danny for being Super Daddy!)

The rest of your post, though... I seriously couldn't quit laughing! DAYCARE KIDS?!!!! HAhahahahahahahahaha! That one is awesome!

I was also laughing hysterically, because as I was reading, my 3-yr-old was doing the, "Hey Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! Look at this! I'm driving my car it has a little man and it goes vroom really fast and crashes with a big bang and then there's fire ssshhhhh but don't worry 'cause I just put it out 'cause I am so big and strong and I'm coming to the rescue just like Diego.... (and on, and on, and on)" bit. Sometimes I worry that my ears are aging faster than the rest of my body. If he keeps it up, I'll have 80-yr-old ears within the next 6-months... but then again at least the rambling would be muffled!


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