Wednesday, August 25, 2010

One week ago these little critters turned one.

Ooh!  Rainbow party chip cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and Halloween sprinkles. 

Tater can't believe he's allowed to have such a treat.
Gotta stuff it in my mouth before it gets taken away!

Squdge seems satisfied with his birthday cupcake and is ready for more.

It amazes me that even though they are fraternal twins, how many similarities they share. 

Of the six kids, these are the youngest to start walking.  (The older four walked after 14 months old.)

They were both tongue-tied.  They both had a posterior tongue-tie, to be precise.

When they cried as newborns, they bleated like sheep.

They are both SO BALD. 

They cut most of their teeth on the same days.
I love these babies so much.  I am thankful to have survived the nightmarish c-section and the crazy first week.  And most of all to make it to the year.  Everyone always said, "The first year is the hardest."  It was my goal to ENJOY, not just survive, the first year.  I definitely did. 


Momza said...

First, your babies are precious!
Happy Bday to both of them.
Second, you are one strong woman. I'm glad I can come here and get to know you better!

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday, Tater and Squdge! And congratulations to the whole family on surviving--and enjoying--the first year of twins. You guys are awesome!

JoMamma said...

Happy Late Birthday! And Congrats to you on enjoying the first year.

Feywriter said...

Happy birthday to the adorable boys! And congrats on your first year together. :-)

Lisa Loo said...

First of all--Happy Birthday to those two yummies!!

Second of all--I love your names for all your kids

Third--how in the world do you have time to photograph your life?? Don't get me wrong--I LOVE coming here and reading all about it and your kids will LOVE it someday--I just think you are amazing to get it all done!

Julie V. said...

Congratulations to you all! Keep up the smiles....
the boys are walking? Sue (my baby) was running around at nine months - kind of freaked me out a little.


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