Sunday, July 04, 2010

If you needed 510 diapers a month...

 would you rather pay for disposables or wash that many cloth diapers?

And let's pretend, just for fun, that that 510 diapers might go down to 360 diapers for a few months (if your Hammy potty-trains) before going up to a probable 720 diapers a month (newborns poop a lot you know).

And so, now that I'm done rambling on such a random probably-doesn't-apply-to-TOO-many-people point, I'll switch the laundry while you comment and vote on my poll on my left sidebar.  Or eat hot dogs and watch fireworks.  You pick. 

Happy Independence Day!

P.S.  I also have a poll on the right sidebar guessing if it's a boy or girl.


Cheeseboy said...

Dear Earth: I promise to do EVERYTHING else in my power to save you from destruction if you just allow me one thing: disposable diapers.

*Mirage* said...

Oh my! That's alot of diapers. :) How about both? I like 'sposies for nights and travel and cloth during the day. Then if I run out of one there's always some of the other. Also better for trash purposes than hauling out 15 garbage sacks of diapers every trash day, but better for the water bill than doing 15 washloads of diapers a week. Half and half works for me.

Laura said...

I'd go for the disposables... I love the Earth, I truly do - but I also love sleeping, and doing other housework besides laundry is going to keep you busy anyway!

A. said...

wash. i hate disposables. too many blowouts. :) plus i imagiune thy feel better to baby than paper underwear. lol

by the way... i think gabbers was a wonderful, blessing of a fluke and that you will only ever have boys. haha! J/k I did guess boy, but I'm rooting for a girl. Every girl needs a little sister to fight over clothes with and braid each others hair. :)


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