Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I am no longer under your control.

So, um, we let our kids watch movies and pre-recorded approved television shows via Netflix.  But there are a few, that when we have particularly inconsolable littles, we pull out.  Baby Einstein is up there among the "soothing movies" choices.  And for these occasions, we turn on the DVD player and put the DVD in. 

And then... instant show.      not.

We watch FBI warnings and what-not.

We pick from the next screen to watch it in English.

And then we'll suffer through watch the reviews and testimonials from the other happy parents that have purchased and viewed the DVDs.

We watch the previews that cannot be fast-forwarded.

The screaming continues as the show is still not ready to watch and work its magic.

Then we pick something like "theater" or "wide-screen" or whatever crap annoying thing that is keeping me from the actual show.

Then we finally get to the screen that says PLAY or PLAY ALL or REPEAT PLAY.

And . . . breathe (I know you're worked up to at this point) . . . we watch the show.

I have three simple words for you to memorize that will change all this.  It will get you directly to the "PLAY" screen or menu screen.


Stop.  Stop.  Play.

You got that?  Next time you pop in a DVD and it starts up, press STOP.  STOP (again).  and then PLAY.

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Psst.  Baby Galileo is our favorite one.  It's soothing and educational and has classical music throughout.  Well, they're all pretty much filled with classical music and have some level of education.  But we Baby Galileo.

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5 Boys and a Princess said...

I just came over from WFMW. We also have 5 boys and a girl but our girl is the youngest (I thought the doctor was joking when he said "it's a girl!" and sent my husband over to check for sure)

DVDs are a hundred percent better than the VHS I had to deal with when most of mine were little. I spent naptime putting tapes in the rewinder so that when we were in dire straights we didn't have to rewind the movie.


Kathie said...

I had no clue! Thanks for the awesome tip.

Kristiner said...

Awesome! Thank you for sharing!

Leslie said...

what?! Seriously? That works? This may be the best thing I've heard since I found out that I will soon be moving into a house with air conditioning within 4 days. that means that this is one seriously cool tip!

Julie V. said...

Hey thanks for the tip! I learned something new - and so simple! Gotta try it.

Melinda said...

I really didn't know that, never heard it before! Thank you so much!

Feywriter said...

Would there still be a workaround if you are using the Xbox 360 as DVD player? I hate non-skippable previews...

Nikki said...

Feywriter- Hmm. I'm not sure. We have an Xbox 360 as well. But we only use it to play games and watch Netflix streaming. Let me know though! One day I'll get a new XBOX remote control.

Susie J. said...

You. Are. My. Hero.


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