Thursday, July 08, 2010

All aboard the potty-train!

Potty-training supplies
  • potty-chair or toilet

*I don't like the child-size potty seats that fit on the toilet-- my kids just pee all over them and it makes one more thing I have to clean.*

  • several pairs of cloth training pants preferably a size larger than the child would normally wear
  • several pairs of big boy underwear
  • plastic pants to go over the cloth training pants at night or on outings
  • wipes for solid accidents
  • a salty treat like Cheetos to make the child thirsty
  • an enticing sweet drink like Kool-aid (the child doesn't normally get) to get him to drink A LOT
  • 1 Skittle for going potty in the toilet or potty chair (not pictured)
  • 1 bag of fruit snacks for going poop
During the first day of potty-training it is very important they learn the rules, how-tos, the mechanics, AND that they have several successes BEFORE any accidents.
A very good book to read to prepare you before the training begins is Toilet Training in less than a day.  It's an easy encouraging read and fairly inexpensive.  I also recommend you read it before picking out a potty-chair (if you haven't done so already).  They have some very good points about it.


*I am an Amazon Associate and will receive a 4% referral reward when you buy this book through my link. 

But even if you don't use my link, check it out at your library and prepare yourself for the big day (the frugal zealot in my refuses to remain quiet). 

I had no idea you could buy training pants on Amazon too!  I found mine at Wal-Mart.

I will be updating our progress with potty-training the Gremlin.

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Lisa said...

Good luck! I'm cheering for you all the way. Hopefully he's been watching his big brothers and sister to get the handle of the toilet.


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