Friday, June 11, 2010

I am having some serious cravings here.

I'm having some very specific cravings.

I needed Tide with Bleach laundry detergent.  Nevermind I have a year supply of a perfectly good laundry detergent.  I needed to smell Tide with Bleach while at the laundromat and again at home when I pull the clean towels from the dryer.

I needed peanut butter M&M's.  They satisfy two cravings at once:  peanut butter & chocolate.  I like efficiency.

I really REALLY needed a steak.  Juicy, medium-well, steak.  Like at Applebee's.  But far less expensive.

So Danny went to the commissary to buy me a steak.  Danny grills a faaabulous steak.

I think maybe it was the lasagna I made him earlier in the week that put him in such a good mood.  It was particularly good lasagna.  Anyway, he agreed to go do my bidding.

Hammy found out Danny was going to the commissary and wanted to go too.

Bun did too.

Then Pookie.

Danny loaded the three oldest boys into the van to go buy me a steak.  :)

I let Gabbers color with dry-erase crayons (big novelty for my kids), and the twins were winding down in their playpen.

I put my feet up, opened a bag of peanut butter M&M's, and played the XBOX.
Danny called several times informing me of this good deal or that good deal and asking how many I wanted him to buy.

It was a pretty cheery afternoon thinking about my food storage area being beautifully stocked, not hearing loud boy noises, not wondering what my Gremlin was going to get into next, just munching the m's and shooting aliens. 

Right before I expected Danny to come home I got a phone call.

"Honey, please call whoever you need to call to get Bun authorized to go to Urgent Care."


"He cut his hand and he needs stitches."

"How did he cut his hand at the commissary?"

"I don't know.  I just need you to get the authorization.  I'll be home soon and I'll drop off Pookie and Hammy and the groceries and switch quickly to the blue car to take him downtown."

My thoughts:

So no steak then?? 

I guess I have a blog post.

Hmm.. First stitches for our kids.  not likely the last with five boys. 

Darn alien. 

Restart game.

I'm pregnant. I'm imbalanced. My priorities are skewed.  What can I say?


Rach said...

I hope he's ok. But sad you didn't get a steak. I'm sure after the hospital Danny can swing by the commissary again & grab you the steak. HMMM....steak does sound yummy.

Lisa said...

I'm laughing sooo hard! especially since it didn't happen to me.

I'm actually dry aging two glorious rib-eyes in my fridge right now, getting ready for my grill on Monday--my anniversary.

Good luck with the cravings and the stitches! I think kids need stitches in their childhood. It's part of being a kid. :)

Nikki said...

Lisa- Dry aging rib-eyes? Tell me more! What do you age it with? How do you do it?

And Happy Anniversary on Monday. I always wanted to be a June bride. But my anniversary is in August.


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