Monday, June 21, 2010

Finding decent education in California

My three oldest kids have been accepted into a nationwide homeschooling program that provides the curriculum, teacher support, testing, loaner home computer and printer at NO COST.  Well, it's actually very pricey.  But California has a program that can accept so many students a year and they pay for it.  I am thrilled.

Eventually I would like to put together a homeschooling program completely of my own choice, but I am a wee-bit sleep-deprived nowadays and question how keen my judgement will be in the late stages of this pregnancy.

And, okay, don't be shocked and horrified, I don't have a degree.  Eek.  I know! 

But I read a lot.  I have taken college classes.  However, I haven't taken a class since Pookie was just under a year.

And I'm intimidated at the thought of returning to school.  Never mind time for me to take a class is sort of well, it just doesn't exist right now.  I do think about it.

You know those commercials that say, Get your training in FILL IN THE BLANK or Get your degree!  Sure I'd like my degree-- and not just so I can say that I have it.  But I don't want a degree from some unknown basement college that some lonely forty-something shy guy created in his spare time.

Yes ma'am.  Dr. So-and-so, who will be delivering your seventh child, graduated with honors in the top 5% of his class from the University of Eucalyptus tree and Tumbleweed.

Eek right?

So, how fitting is it that just as I've been really thinking about it, The University of Redlands contacts me to review their site and discuss my thoughts on returning to school. 

Yes.  I want to return to school.  I do.  I do! 

Why did I never think of a place like a California business school?  I mean, I am here after all.  Not that it wouldn't be a commute.  I'd definitely have to look into what is offered through distance learning or the internet.  I've not gotten that far yet in my reading about them.

But I've heard great things about their school. 

Forbes ranks it in the top 5% of America's Best Colleges.

They have a study abroad program and dozens of majors to choose from.

It's an Inland Empire college that's got so much to keep you from getting bored.  Clubs, athletic teams, and big city culture are very close by.  If you're thinking of colleges in California for yourself or your college age child, I'd say you should definitely look at University of Redlands.

Now obviously, boredom is not a problem for me. 

But graduating from an accredited University that is well-known, I'd like that.  I'm off to do more research.


Lisa said...

I don't have my degree either. I had 3 years down, about 2 solid years left to go when I had Lee. We both agreed I needed to stay home. I hope someday I can finish the degree, even if I have to start afresh. I mostly want to do it for my daughters--so they can have a good example of education. Sigh... it's so hard to be a woman, you know?

Rach said...

You are one brave woman, I can barely keep my mind straight with trying to organize my house let alone put a degree on my plate. that would be nice. I think for myself I would get it for security purposes, you know if the MAN dies or something. But also to feel more confident in teaching my children. BUT DANG, what a leap!

A. said...

I've so thought about doing courses online to get a degree. :) You'll have to keep us all updated on what you find out.

by the way, don't feel the pressure to have a degree to teach your children. What do you think happens in schools? Textbooks and teacher manuals! Believe me, you can do just as good, and acutally better since you can spend the time on each child and the individual subjects at length. ;)

Susan said...

Nikki!! Go for it!! I think this is so great, even if you are only taking a class here and there, I love that you are willing to make a goal for just you!


gurrbonzo said...

GO FOR IT!!! Redlands! Redlands! Just thinking about it is exciting. I am great at giving moms back-to-school pep talks so let me know if you need one. Degrees are important for a million reasons and your kids will see real proof that lifelong learning is important to you. Go, Nikki, go!


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