Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Letters of gratitude

Dear AAFES cheap basket supplier,

Thank you for making such a cheap little basket.  It came in real handy last year when we were homeless and still needed to get our laundry sorted. 

I had no idea of your versatility until I saw my Squdge carefully insnared.  This aids in preventing him from smacking his head on the foot of the desk and chewing on cords.  Who needs to keep a watchful eye when you have a cheap plastic laundry basket?

Yours truly (until the next 27-fling boogie),

Dear Pampered Chef,

Thank you for making this very handy egg-slicer.  Who would've known that my little girl would try her hand at selling presliced Goldfish?

A grateful mother,

Dear Ginger Ale,
How I love thee.  I know we don't see each other much.  And then when we do, it's like "How could I ever live without you?"  Well, it's probably the whole teeth rotting out of my head reason that I don't see you so often.  But when I do see you, I am glad for your comfort.

Occasionally Yours,

Dear Mom,
I finally made bread with oat flour replacing one-third of the whole wheat flour.  It was beautiful.  It smelled wonderful baking.  But since the bread knife fell behind the counter I couldn't slice it for two days.  When I sliced it this morning, it was fresh and soft and the kids snorkulated it in 90 seconds.

I can't wait to make more.  I already prepped 21 bread kits with oat flour.
Love Always,


Melodie said...

I am still laughing over your post, you are too funny! Love your blog by the way!

Feywriter said...

Love it! Squdge is precious. At least the goldfish are vacuumable; amazing how creative those kids can get.

Good thing computers don't have smell-o-vision, as I'm already drooling from that bread!

A. said...

I love oat bread. It's yummy! I can't believe you were patient enough to wait 2 days for your knife! We would have been hacking at it with a butter knife before then. lol

JoMamma said...

I agree I would have been breaking the bread to pieces with my hands. I can't resist fresh baked bread. YUMMY.

Susan said...

Dear Nikki,

Thank you for your very entertaining posts. It has enlightened me no end. I appreciate that you let your kids be so very cute for the rest of us to enjoy.

I'll be stopping by often,


Laurie/Mom/Grandma said...

OK, so tell me more about the oat flour. Did you just blend up some oats or buy oat flour? I make my wheat bread with a couple cups of rolled six grains (looks like oatmeal only six different grains)and I really like that, but haven't tried it as flour.

Cheeseboy said...

Terrific stuff! Just think of all the possibilities for the egg slicer.

Momza said... oat bread....I can almost smell it in my noggin.


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