Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday-- a great day for random.

It's Friday.  Thank goodness!  Something about Friday makes everything easier, laid back, less-stress.

So here's your dose of completely random for the weekend.

1.  Tater and Squdge both cut their first tooth on Monday.  The bottom right.
2.  We've gone through nearly two bottles of Children's Motrin this week.
3.  What I thought was a runny nose associated with teething is actually congestion that Danny and I also got.
4.  Tuesday the babies started vomitting and diarrhea.
5.  By Wednesday, everyone else joined in on the diarrhea.
6.  By Thursday, I had washed several loads of sheets and blankets.
7.  I've thrown away two pairs of little boy underwear this week.
8.  Tater puked in my hair and down my neck at 5 this morning resulting in my need for an early shower.
9.  BBTA stands for Big Brother Training Academy.  It's not a real academy.  It's just a fun way to announce pregnancy.
10.  To get a nice crust on homemade pizza, you have to cook it at 500° F for about 7 to 15 minutes.  Lower temps like 375° for longer do not a happy homemade pizza crust make. 
11.  Four dozen onesies even for twins is too many.
12.  Twelve days until our move!

Let's make it a baker's dozen, since I like to bake. 

13.  I offended my little girl the other day while talking to Danny about keeping her on a BRAT diet for a couple days.

That's all.  This is going to be a busy week.  Chances are you'll be seeing me lots.  ;)  Blogging is a great procrastination tool.


Cheeseboy said...

At least it was your own son's puke in your hair. And fortunately new underoos are pretty cheap.

Alea said...

Wow, you have had a busy week! I had to laugh at your daughter taking offense to the BRAT diet. Best wishes on your move!

Tara said...

I am really sorry about that nasty sickness, I will take a cold for 2 weeks over the big D any day. But on the upside, yeah for moving into an awesome, mold free, new house! Wish we were close to help you out.

Just SO said...

I need to remember that about the pizza crust. Hmm... Does that high of a temp fry the cheese though?

Nikki said...

Shanna- Nope. The cheese is perfect too. :)


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