Monday, March 15, 2010

Wow! It's been AGES since you saw my name in your reader.

So this is what's on my mind today.

1.  A four year old boy, who shall remain nameless, has had NUMEROUS accidents in his britches this last week.  And not just #1.  I am at my wit's end.  Advice?
Charlie pic taken from this post on Danny's blog.

2.  Charlie, the guinea pig, is warming up to us.  I think he can somehow sense that Gabbers and I are girls;  he seems to like us better than the menfolk.

3.  The weather has been so nice here that I feel like eating Luigi's Real Italian Ice every single day.  I also feel like lounging around in the backyard while my kids run wild screaming "HELP!" while they're playing and concerning the neighbors. 

4.  I have a couple projects I'm going to do this week.  Danny doesn't know about them.  I may be away from the blog working on them.  I will take pictures. 

5.  My babies are almost 7 months old.  I figured it was about time to create a 72-hour kit for them. 

6.  The kids had loads of goodies yesterday as I updated 72-hour kits.

7.  I think it's a really good idea to update your 72-hour kits when you Spring Ahead and Fall Behind.  Another good idea, if you're LDS, and still a good idea even if you're not, is to update them during General Conference weekend twice a year.  Then your kids can eat the goodies while listening to great talks, scriptures, and Mormon Tabernacle Choir hymns.

8.  I always think the word choir is spelled wrong.  And seeing as I've misplaced my spellcheck button, it may very well be spelled wrong. 

9.  I've been working on a new 100 things list.  But it's hard to find 100 things about me that you don't know. 

10.  This week is Parent-Teacher Conference week at the elementary school.  Because of this grand occasion, every day is a half-day.  Personally I think that the state of California is l-a-z-y in the education department.  The budget cuts are causing the schooling to be sub-par and they are always finding excuses to have holidays and minimum days.  This particular elementary school is the best in the county.  Well, other than Pookieville Academy.  We are strongly leaning toward Pookieville Academy for the little people for next year.  It may undergo a name-change though.

11.  Happy Birthday JoAnn!


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

I REALLY need to take care of our 72 hour kits. Thanks for the encouragement.

JoMamma said...

I'm flattered that I am number 11. Thanks for my birthday wishes.

I'm Erin said...

happy birthday to Joann too! and I need to get on the 72 hour thing. It's a good thing mom and dad are close. are you coming to visit?

Feywriter said...

I always have my son sit on the potty one hour before bedtime. It took a while, but now he's pretty regular with the #2 and rarely has an accident. For #1... well, keep asking, and if he hasn't gone for a few hours, TELL him to go. Good luck!

Nikki said...

Mary- Good idea. I will try the sitting on the potty method. And I'll have to schedule the potty breaks too. Thanks.


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