Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Please pass the perspective.

I got handed some perspective this past Monday.  With the opportunity to move off base and the thought of trying to buy a home, my head started spinning.  I decluttered toys and clothing.  I Tilexed windowsills and frames and under the crib and the wall to the side of the crib while pondering on the moving process.  Sure the Air Force would pack us up and move us.  But we needed a place to move into. 

Places to buy were not looking great.  Places for rent were looking scary.  I could move off-base and possibly rent a place with mold too.  Or I could figure out how to do everything I could to eliminate the threat and wait it out for a few months.

So that's the plan.  for now.


Leslie said...

I'll be rooting for you and for the health of all the kiddies! That's scary to wait and scary to move - either way. So hang in there whatever you decide to do.

Leslie said...

p.s. I forgot to add - great job on the decluttering!

In case you are interested (since we declutter a lot and just moved) we now have quite a bit less toys and find that the kids are just as busy/happy/content.

The toys consist of one large bin of legos,
3 or 4 various balls,
4 dolls and one medium bin of doll clothes,
one small play kitchen,
one medium bin of play dishes,
one medium bin of play food,
3 medium bins of various toys (stuffed animals, play doctor stuff, etc.)
One bin of card games, dominos, small board games,
several kid board games,
and that's it.

Now, Christian is older and not so into toys lately, but even for the girls I've found that we have LOTS less than many of our friends but our kids are just as happy and it only takes minutes to pick up every toy in the house if they were all dumped out at the same time.

So good luck with your decluttering! I feel so much happier and lighter with less stuff in life and I think kids really do, too.


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