Saturday, March 20, 2010

Legend has it that on the day of the spring

 and fall equinox, because of the rotation and tilt of the earth at these specific times, you can balance a raw egg on end. 

Really.  You can balance it standing up with no aid of salt, sugar, glue, duct tape, etc.  It's true.  Well, it's true you can balance a raw egg on end.  It's also true that it's a legend.  The legend part being that you can ONLY do it on the spring and fall equinox.  But truly, you can do it any ole day of the year.

The first time I tried it, I was nearly 16, my birthday being just a week away.  Mom told me about it.  So I tried.  I tried for a really long time on the front porch.  I was lying flat on my stomach with my arms out in front of me trying to convince that egg to do its trick.  I finally got it.  I was so proud.

I called everyone in the family to the porch.  My sisters were successful as well balancing eggs all over inside the house.

I checked on my egg every few minutes or so to see if it was going to just fall over.  It didn't.  It stayed.  It made me smile just looking at it.

Lunchtime rolled around and I went in. 

The doorbell rang.  It was Linda H.  She lives two doors up from my parents-- still does I think.  She was stopping by for a friendly chat, happened to see an egg sitting on the porch, picked it up and said, "Did you drop this?"


If I had dropped a raw egg on my porch, would it land standing on end without a crack to speak of?

My kids are going to think I'm the bee's knees when I show them this.  Yeah for mommy points!

Have yourself a little equinox fun. Balance an egg.


Lisa said...

I remember my brother Matthew balancing eggs for what seemed like HOURS. It started on the equinox, but eventually he did it on the solstice too. Kind of a fun little activity.

Laurie/Mom/Grandma said...

So, we should all try this in another month or so. I bet it would still work.


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