Monday, March 01, 2010

Good bye February! Hello March!

baby buddies

Baby Buddies
Squdge on left, Tater on right
Bun out of bread
Bun & Gabbers Gabbers feeding ducks
Bun & Gabbers feeding ducksducks n geese
Bun, Gabbers, Pookie, Ham at “Duck Park” 
They're hissing!  Gabbers shrieking, “They’re hissing!”Pookie feeding ducks
Pookie was so peaceful and happy at the water’s edge feeding the ducks.
Gabbers (second from right) and friends selling Girl Scout Cookies at the commissary

My Homemake Monday tip is linked to an old post found for homemade reusable nursing pads.  I'm trying not to have more than two posts in one day.  ;)  Moderation in all things, right?

And you know what?  I'm featured today at 11th Heaven's Homemaker Mondays.  Go see!


Julie V. said...

Cute pictures. Where is the duck pond?

Nikki said...

The duck pond is in the city that we tried to buy a house in last year. We've been there about five times and they love it. This particular day that I brought the camera was cold and already dinnertime.

JoMamma said...

I love March. I know some very amazing people who have birthdays in March.

I love the pictures


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