Thursday, March 11, 2010

Do as I'm doing. Follow, follow me.

Strangest thing.  Last month, as I declared boldly on my blog, was my month of service.  I picked it because it was the shortest month. 

I struggled to think of acts of service to perform.  I felt like most of them were lame.  It wasn't nearly as big or glamorous as I thought it might be.  Many of the services were for my own family.

But now, now that my month of service is officially over, opportunities to serve are popping up everywhere.  And I recognize them.  And I am so thankful for them.

A sister in our ward (congregation) left her marriage of 35 years in August, she was starting over in a studio apartment with just her clothes.  She had nothing.  I found myself scrubbing her stove and sink and spraying the oven racks while visiting with her for hours.  When I left, I had an overwhelming feeling of love for her. 

I gave her my recliner, a six drawer dresser with attached mirror, and a full-size air mattress, sheets, and the mattress pump.  She showed more gratitude for those items than I ever have.  And it made it all worth it.  I like to think that if I ever have another pregnancy, maybe I won't need to sleep upright every night.  ;)

I find myself smiling at people and stopping to chat with them. 

On the way out of Wal-Mart this last week when I had my four kids four and under with me, I found myself helping an older gentleman lift a heavy bag out of his cart and then returning his cart for him.

I'm taking dinner tonight to my dear friend who just lost her grandmother this week and unfortunately can't go to the funeral on the east coast because her children and her are sick.  She doesn't know dinner is coming.  ;)  I asked her if I could bring dinner and then immediately regretted asking instead of insisting.  So then I tried to insist I was bringing dinner.  I think she felt guilty because she protested with, "I don't want you doing that with all you have going on."  All I have going on?  I think I'm going to have a lot going on for at least another 18 years.  But it's not going to prevent me from serving my friend in her time of need.  I know she'd do the same.

So perhaps the effects of my month of service are kicking in now.  My children are helping out happily.  And I'm loving it.  My love language is acts of service after all. 


Momza said...

You have a great attitude!!!
If we all waited for a "lull" in our lives to offer service to others, nuthin' would get done!
We'd all be sticks in the mud!

My stove needs cleaning. So does my fridge. And my pantry. What day is good for you?

Marcy said...

LOVE IT! Yesterday I asked my sick neighbor if I could bring her dinner and regretted the asking instead of insisting. Fortunately, she said that would be great. I have to do more insisting in general, though. :) It really does bring joy to serve, doesn't it?

Lori @ Couponomic Stimulus Package said...

That is so wonderful! In many ways we get served more than those we serve! Thanks for the reminder!

Ticklemedana said...

that's awesome! It feels so good when you can genuinely serve someone.

A. said...

This couldn't be more true. I was recently telling a friend of mine how I was trying to find ways to serve and so often came up empty handed. Feeling like I'm doing nothing for His kingdom. But then it hit me one day when I stopped trying. It's all around me and HE makes it apparent when I'm needed, not the other way around. I was looking to help on MY schedule and unconcisously for my own good deed check list, instead of when HE needed me, and despite rather I thought I could do it or wanted to do it.
I think it's great when you can serve with your children. That's my biggest desire. Then they learn first hand compassion, service, and God's love.

Feywriter said...

It's great that the desire and the awareness come hand in hand.


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