Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Top 13 random confessions in honor of my parents' 37th anniversary.

13.  I hit a parked car and dented it while riding my bicycle once.
12.  I was sure I was going to hell for never telling the truth about that.
11.  Mom, I accidentally broke your little blue vase and then hid it in the bottom of the closet in the house on JFK street in England.
10.  I double-pierced my ears in 11th grade using an ice cube, a rubbing alcohol soaked cotton ball, and a sewing needle.
9.  I didn't confess about my own ears when you discovered Erin did it.  She took the blame.  It was her idea after all.
8.  I snuck out of the house at least once a week in the middle of the night in the summertime to go running through the sprinklers downtown (I was over 18).
7.  Rachel and I loaded our water guns and drove past people in downtown P.G. and shot at them.
6.  I used to change my clothes in the car while driving and apply make-up on my way to work from UVSC.
5.  I double-pierced my ears again (professionally this time) when I was nearly 19 and triple pierced the left one.  That hurt.  I let it close up after less than a week.
4.  I never drank.  Not a single drop.
3.  I did try to smoke a rolled up Reader's Digest once.  Erin's idea again.
2.  I balanced eggs once on the floor of Albertson's at midnight with my bff Alecia.
1.  I rode on a bullet bike without a helmet more than once.

Happy 37th Anniversary!  Aren't you glad I'm not a dumb kid anymore?


Ticklemedana said...

this was hilarious...and I Love that more than one of those were erin's idea! and I also loved confession number 4...awsome

Susie J. said...

I love this! Can I steal your idea and use this on my birthday?

Momza said...

Oh MY !!! Hilarious confessions!
I would love for my kids to do this for me!
So funny!

gurrbonzo said...


A rolled up Readers Digest?!?!?! BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.

Lisa said...

That is hilarious!

Julie said...

How did any of us survive? Especially because most people are way dumber than you were.

Leslie said...

You are SO gonna get it this summer when you see Mom & Dad!!!

I can know fully confirm that I was definitely the best behaved kid. I don't think even half of those crazy ideas ever passed my mind. Maybe Erin didn't hang out with me enough, ha ha ha!

Leslie said...

p.s. Are you sure it's the 37th? I could have sworn it was the 38th? Hmm, now I'm confused.

Nikki said...

Leslie- I remember by me being born in 77, Jesse and you in 75, them being married in 73. 2 year increments.

A. said...

hahaha - aren't these suppose to be your confessions? Seems like Erin got ratted on a couple times. lol

Do you have double peirced ears now?

Nikki said...

Amy- Nope they're not double pierced anymore. No desire to do it either. lol

Jones said...

Just stopping by from MMB to say Hi :)


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