Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The PERFECT sunblock for double strollers.

The shades on the carseat do not block the sun during the middle of the day.  The twins shut their eyes tights and toss their heads back and forth trying to hide from the brightly glaring California sun. 

A receiving blanket draped over the edge of the shade doesn't stay put.  When the wind picks up, as it usually does here, the blanket flies right off and the shade is likely to collapse. 
clip on umbrella
Clip on umbrella courtesy Google images

I have even tried this contraption where the umbrella clamps on to the side of the stroller.  It broke barely into the second use.

I thought maybe a large receiving blanket would be big enough to cover the two carseats.  It wasn't.

Then a stroke of genius came to me while folding laundry one afternoon (as I like to do about once a month when I've exhausted every single piece of clothing we own including the maternity pants that haven't made their way out of my closet and my children have been seen wearing Christmas sweaters in February! in California!).

Crib-size sheets.  We have two toddler beds, a playpen, and a crib currently in use in our home.  These crib-size sheets don't work perfectly for the playpen requiring some extra tucking around the edges.   But since we have a need for them, I pick them up whenever I see them on sale or at a thrift store.  I've even made a few for the playpen.  But the crib-size sheets, well, they are the PERFECT size for the double stroller.  Crib-size sheets work for me to block out the sun and protect my babies!

The first time I took it out I was a little nervous.  I knew in my head what their thoughts were going to be:

There's that crazy lady with all the little kids hanging on her stroller.  What on earth?  A sheet?  How tacky.  How sad to be her. 

Boy was I wrong!  Instead:

Is that a crib sheet?  You should market that!  You could be rich.  Wow, that sure beats buying those expensive covers!  They probably don't even make a cover for a double stroller.  You're one smart Mama!

*Nikki returns home patting herself on the back and indulging in a little afternoon blog-reading.  Not quite famous and still semi-crunchy, she continues to live her life, undiscovered.*

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Rach said...

WAY TO GO, THAT IS INGENIUS! love the idea.

Mrs Morty said...

I have to tip my hat to you too. You are a smarty pants.

Nay said...

Great idea!! You're one smart mama! PS I'm extreamly jealous of your non-snow-covered-yard so you can be outside...sigh!

Ticklemedana said...

awesome...I'm socking away all your tips for when I have kids...then I can be a smart mama, too!

A. said...

This is awesome! Way to think outside the box. of course.. I would have been too chicken to go out, but look at the praise and idea giving opportunities I would have missed!

The Saved Quarter said...

Very clever!!

Amanda said...

Wow! That is a great idea! Amazing how creative we become when desire meets necessity.

Leslie said...

that is one cool tip! get it - cool? Okay, lame joke but great idea!

And if you ever get around to the 50s, you'll eventually stumble across my WFMW tip, lol.

Lori @ Couponomic Stimulus Package said...

Great Idea! I got your link up. I completely had to do a new Mr. Linky :( But, it's up and running again! YAY! Just thought you might wanna know!

Kelly said...

Very cool! And you could use one of those plastic sheets for a day when it's wet or drizzly (but not actually raining).

Although, would that be breathable? Maybe you shouldn't listen to me.

Thanks for sharing!

Catherine B said...

That is a great idea! Good thinking and it looks like it works perfectly!

staci @ teaching money to kids said...

I had never thought to use it on the stroller before. We have put one over the pack n play, if we ever have it out side. It is amazing how cheapo they make some of that other stuff, and then sell it like it is a must have.

Nikki said...

Nay- It may not be snow-covered but it is dirt-mound-covered. Those darn moles.

Dana- You are so funny.

Leslie- I had Danny post this on the WFMW link because I was visiting teaching. Notice he got mine up before his? What a good hubby. I should've asked him to post yours. :P

Lori @ CSP- Thanks Lori! I'll hop over there and read the other links too.

Kelly- I thought That is a good idea! and then immediately thought of the breathing. lol Your post with your son dancing had me and the kids cracking up. YOU are one smart mama!

Staci @ tmtk- I will definitely remember using it for the top of the playpen for when it's outside. Thanks for that tip!

Mama Melissa said...

it does sort of look a little odd, and yet it is so ingenious!!! you go girl! :) what a great way to re-use something or to not have to go buy something expensive.


Marybeth at said...

Fabulous idea! I love it!

Jenny said...

That is an awesome idea!

Jenny said...

That is a very nifty idea :D

Melissa said...

Seriously one of the best tips of the week!!!


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