Saturday, February 13, 2010

I am a bitter, bitter woman.

My Tater is teething. This is one instance where I'm glad he can't nurse. He chews on everything.

Also, I decided to wean.  Translation:  Pumping nearly four hours a day is driving me batty and switching to formula sounds like a well-deserved vacation.  It was a really hard decision to make.  I think for my sanity, I've got to stop pumping. 

But as I've finally vocalized it and drastically reduced my milk supply this week, I'm realizing that my Squdge (not the one pictured) has allergies.  His face looks just like my Gabbers face looked at the same age.  And when tested, we found out she was allergic to  e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. 


She couldn't have

or berries either. 

Or any of the latex foods.

ie. banana,

Her allergy doctor advised me to nurse her until she was two.  And that was the plan.  But I got pregnant with Bun when Gabbers was 14 months old.  When she was 18 months she weaned herself because of decreased milk supply.  Luckily by then, she had outgrown the soy allergies.

So ARGH.  Dang you pump.  I am sick of you.  The best thing that has come from it, other than mother's milk, is my blogging has increased since figuring out the hands-free thing. 

Aren't you glad?

What's on the menu for Valentine's Day?  Fenugreek.  Marshmallow root, Borage Oil, and Fenugreek.

I hate the way it makes me smell. 


JoMamma said...

Food Allergies, oh man I can't imagine how hard that would be. Luckily we have not had any allergies here only kids who think I'm the worst cook in the world. I continue to make the grossest meals night after night.

Cop Mama said...

Oh hun, I totally simpathize with ya! I got a teether in the house too. And I remember my pumping days too. Hang in there, it will get better :-)

Momza said...

You are a really GOOD Mama! Squdge is blessed to have you.
Hang in there, Sister. Make sure you "treat" yourself for the extra work--maybe a longer shower or a long bath with candles, or some extra quiet time to relax.

Julie V. said...

Oh- so sorry about the bad allergies - have hope, he'll eventually grow out of some of them.. You'll all be OK. Don't forget to take a little time to take care of you, too.

A. said...

So are those things you are taking to reduce your milk supply? here's a big one, cabbage leaves. Yep...take the big cupoped leaf and just lay in your bra on each side and keep it there until it's warm and wilte.d Then change. it's been known to drop it drastically. Eating it too supposedly. I tried it once when I was engorged and it did help, but I didn't use it very long either.

Nikki said...

Amy- These are things to increase it. But I've heard that taking cabbage leaves is not recommended if you have an allergy to sulfas. And I do. That's the last thing I need. Hives on my baby-feeders! lol Thanks for the tip though. ;)

Nikki said...

Amy- I meant "applying cabbage leaves."

Leslie said...

Crazy about your allergic baby. That's a huge bummer. I can only imagine how UN-fun that is. And how UN-fun it is that you now can't wean after all.

A. said...

Ack! That WOULD be awful. lol Sorry for the bad advice. haha baby feeders..... :)


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