Thursday, January 21, 2010

Random confession for posterity's sake

About 11 years ago I was living in a small town in Utah with my new husband (10 minutes away from my parents).  I was nearly 22, working a full-time job at the same place as him.  Occasionally, we had different work schedules.  On those days that I had to work late it was dark when I got out.  I am scared of the dark.  I would bravely look in the backseat of the car to make sure it was safe to get in and drive myself home.  We had a little white hatchback marshmallow shaped car (a Ford Festiva- don't recall the year but probably pre-1990).  We even called it, "The Marshmallow."  So being a hatchback I couldn't see if some thing was hiding back there beyond the seat (especially with the emergency winter blankets and stuff).

As soon as I was in the car and started driving I'd yell out loudly, "You may as well come up here!  No sense hiding back there anymore!"  Then I'd continue to act like a lunatic, singing obnoxiously loud, blurting out random comments like I was having a conversation with this boogie man, until I was pretty sure no one was there. 

Before you leave, and unsubscribe, know that I don't do that anymore.  And not just cuz of the Zoloft.  ;)


Just SO said...

Okay so I LOVE the new header and title of your blog. Love.It.

And I'm glad the Zoloft is working now ;)

Melanie at Finally Homeschooling said...

You mean that's NOT normal behavior?!

My true confession: I still sometimes get scared of the dark and have to pretend I'm big and brave. One day I'll grow out of it...right?!

jenny said...

I still am constantly freaked out about possible people in the back of the car when it's dark outside - almost to the point I try to avoid driving at night (well, and I'm not the best driver at night so that also makes me avoid it when possible). And I have totally talked to the invisible man in the back of the car, as well.


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