Thursday, January 07, 2010

The Proper Care and Feeding of your Gremlin #2 and #3

Our gremlin is now 2 1/2 years old.  Oftentimes Hammy the gremlin refuses medication.  The gremlin does, however, enjoy his chewable vitamins.  But mostly, the gremlin runs when he sees the syringe.  (Maybe it's just that mommy wants him to do something and he wants to play devil's advocate.)

I prefer it when my gremlin looks like this.  Cute, loveable, big eyes. 

Today I made homemade disposable baby wipes.  One-half a roll of paper towels 1 1/4 cups of water, 1/2 tbsp. baby oil, 1/2 tbsp. baby shampoo, and a couple drops of tea tree oil.  Tea tree oil is extremely strong smelling.  I wish the bottle had a little dropper to go with it.  I usually pour way too much into the wipe solution.  So, lately I've used a syringe to syphon out just a wee little bit of it. 

I didn't take care of the syringe right away.  I decided to change a few diapers, check Pookie's homework, eat some chocolate, make a couple phone calls, wipe the dining table so Gabbers could finish her homework, and then I was going to do dishes.  That includes the syringe and everything else lying around the kitchen. 

My gremlin does not agree with tea tree oil.  Drooling and spitting he came running to find me while I was scrubbing dining chairs, "Mommy, HOT!  Yucky.  Burning.  HOT!"  *spit*

Lesson #2  Never feed your gremlin tea tree oil.

Lesson # 3  If you have a gremlin, have Poison Control in the phone memory. 


Melessa said...

I have had to call poison control once for four of my five kids (#5 is still at the "potted plant" mobility stage, so I'm sure her turn is coming). It's kind of a rite of passage here. Although little #5 was kind of a surprise after a few more non-toddler years than normal; so I'm going to have to re-learn the number.
And kid #1's call was for prescription cough syrup that normally we had to practically sit on her to get her to take.

Leslie said...

Scary! I've never had to call it yet and I hope I don't ever have to. Hope the little hammy is okay.

Anonymous said...

So, what did poison control say? Your gremlin must take after his daddy! We had to call poison control many times because of his adventures......

Nikki said...

Melessa- Danny and I chuckled at the "potted plant" term. What an accurate description. And so funny how the item they ingest is something they can't stand!

Leslie- Hammy seemed to pull through with no problems (after the spitting and coughing). The doctor I spoke to was very thorough and comforting. I was impressed it was a doctor! She even called back after 2 1/2 hours to check on him.

Hmm- Wonder who anonymous is? ;) Just kidding. The only times I've had to call Poison Control were for Hammy and Pookie. They are so alike sometimes. Pookie it was for eating my mom's ficus tree and then six months later taste-testing hand sanitizer! P.S. They can't wait to see you guys! :)

Henny said...

don't worry TTO wont hurt ya unless you drink lot ;)

I bet he'll never lick a dopper without asking what's in it first again haha! poor kiddo

Julie said...

I believe that you can tell how naughty a kid, er, gremlin is by using the following formula: Number of years in age of gremlin / number of times poison control has had to be called on behalf of said gremlin. So far, my #3 is at a 4/2 ratio, which equals extremely naughty.


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