Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I need a blog nickname for baby A. You could win some socks!

My dad a.k.a. Papa holding Baby A and Squdge.
I lifted this pic from his blog. But I'm not linking cuz then you'd see more pics of me that aren't so pretty.

I need a new blog nickname for baby A. currently referred to as, "Q. Mouse."  The problem is, all the kids' blog nicknames are actual nicknames we call them sometimes- except Q. Mouse.  So far, in his five months, he's not acquired a nickname that doesn't sound like his real name.  I don't really like how "Q. Mouse" sounds in a blog post.  As you may have recalled in previous posts, I do not use my children's real names on the blog and I do not use our last name.  But I'm completely open to a name that we won't ever really call him in our home.  Nothing obscene though.  Obscenities will be deleted. 
So, hmm... I'm thinking of just calling him Bubba.  I know, I know, it's EVERYBODY'S nickname for their little boy.  I think Bubba and Squdge kind of go together.  or not.  Sheesh.  It's also my awesome photographer sister's energetic dog's name. 

Leave some suggestions puh-lease!

The prize:  3 pair of beaded socks:  for little girl shoe size 6 - 2 1/2 Valentine's, spring, and patriotic beaded socks.  [See pictures at bottom of post.]

How to enter:  leave a blog nickname suggestion for a five month old twin boy that could grow with him (blogwise anyway)

Where I'll ship:  United States including Alaska and Hawaii - unless the winner lives overseas and wants to pay anything in excess of $4.00

Extra entry:  Create a post on your blog about it linking to this post AND leave me the link in the comments of this post. 

Deadline: February 1st at 9:00 a.m. central time. Winner will be drawn at 10:00 a.m. central time. Socks will be mailed THAT DAY! For real!

Got it?  Your part is free.  Think of a name.  Leave it in the comments of this post.  Post about it for an extra chance to win.  I'll sort through the names and hopefully pick one.  Or he may end up going back to being called Baby A.  It's your duty to save the bloggity world from such a generic name.


I'm Erin said...

I like squdge and squirt! how about squirt? Or Snickers? (ha ha that's you) or Spud? or Mr. Stinks?

Julie said...

First of all, I have to say how much I giggle whenever I read the name Squdge. So awesome. In that same vein, I think Squidge would totally rule. Squidge and Squdge.

Lisa said...

My 3-year-old Lee came up with the name Charleston. Or something of the like.

I am choosing Scoots.

Annalisa is picking "Vasinard," which is the word on the word verification spot below me right now.

Good luck! I'll bet those beaded socks would look adorable on my kid! :D

jenny said...

I think you should do Fudge and it could be Squdge and Fudge. Plus, who doesn't love some fudge. :-)

Renee' said...

I called my oldest Snooks for a long time and I think it's cute. Give that one a try.


A. said...

Mudge comes to mind as I think of "Squdge and Mudge", but also because we read the "Henry and Mudge" series and it's on my mind. lol

Laura said...

Hank and Squdge?

Bob and Squdge?

Tuck and Squdge?

Lenny and Squdge? (yes I watch Wonder Pets, why do you ask?)

I got nothing... But I like Q. Mouse, so that might explain the lack of creativity. :-)

Amy @ Raising Arrows said...


From in, "I will call you Squishy and you will be my Squishy." :)


Kim said...

I like the suggestion from Erin. I like Squirt. I think the names should sound similar in a way. Squirt and Squdge have the same beginning sound, so I like it. You could go with rhyming names too. Squdge and Pudge (although he is not pudgie). Just my input. :-)

Rach said...

I do like Erin's comment about Squirt. But I also like cheeks, Peeps, Munch? just a thought.

muggins mahooney said...

I like Bubba, but the dog attachment is a problem. How about just Bub or Bubs?

That Girl said...

I like Scoots and Fudge. And Squishy, but that's what I call my own baby on my blog. ;o)

Hmmmm .... Pudge? Although he's not very pudgy ...

I guess I'm not very creative after 9PM. Sorry.

Leslie said...

I'm with those that like Squirt of Fudge. So cute!

Anonymous said...

mudge. or mudgee.

jodi said...

What about just boo?

Anonymous said...

Squeak and Squdge =)


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