Friday, January 22, 2010

Happy Happy Birthday Taran dear!

I know I said I wasn't going to post again until next week, but I'm a blog addict AND it's my cute nephew Taran's 7th birthday!

Happy Birthday to another TOTALLY AWESOME nephew Taran!  I remember watching you when you were a newborn.  You smiled at me when I fed you.  You still have an amazing smile.  I remember being amazed at how every time I saw you, you got cuter and cuter!  I love your red hair and always hoped I'd have a redhead.  I remember how much fun my kids had playing with you (and your siblings) this last spring on our way through Utah.  They love to look at pictures of you and them (well, the oldest two) at the Dinosaur Museum when they were little.  They say, "That's my cousin Taran.  We had lots of fun playing with dinosaurs together."

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