Saturday, January 02, 2010

Babies Babies everywhere!

Whenever I walk around holding both babies at the same time, Bun declares, "Babies! Babies everywhere!" 

Q. Mouse and Squdge on Q.'s quilt.  Look at those squdgey cheeks.  *smooch!*  I love that facial expression on Q. Mouse.  He has the same scowl as his older brother Bun and also his Papa (my dad).  Oh I love these babies!

Cute babies with yummy fingers.

I'm pretty sure that the scratches Q. Mouse is sporting in the middle pic were inflicted by Squdge.  Sometimes it's hard to keep up with trimming 60 little fingernails.  Danny won't have any part of it.  "I'd rather my kids keep all their appendages," he says.   


Laurie/Mom/Grandma said...

Nikki, you're awesome!

Leslie said...

they are so darling! I can't believe how big they are already!

Tara said...

Oh man, those little muffins are super cute!! I do want to squeeze those yummy cheeks, and I'll have a nibble on those yummy fingers too. Oh yeah, I guess we will kiss them too! :)

Marcy said...

So cute! Good work!

JoMamma said...

My kids fingernails have to be trimmed all the time, and I only have two sets of hands.

FluffyChicky said... sweet!

Ticklemedana said...

great pics, Nikki!

I wanted to tell you about a blog that gives out tips and coupons for healthy/organic items. not sure if that appeals to you, but there are some good coupons and I thought of you. =)

Hope you're doing well!

Nikki said...

Dana- You know me too well. I can't wait to check it out! Thanks. :)


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