Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thanksgiving Prep: Thaw the turkey & plan for kid activities

The Thanksgiving preparation that I do today is clean the fridge, toss out the scary leftovers, and take the turkey out of the freezer. I usually forget until Sunday and find that it's not thawed on Thanksgiving morning. I am a wee bit nervous about it thawing too fast. So I put it in a brown paper bag in the fridge. I'm also squeamish about it thawing and dripping all over everything else and giving us food poisoning. Raw turkey-blood flavored leftover Freschetta pizza is naaaaaaasty.  Not that I would know. 

Planning for kid activities to keep them out from under foot on Thanksgiving morning is a must.  Whether or not we have company coming with children, it's helpful to plan things that are not in the way of the dining table or the kitchen traffic for my children.  I've seriously considered hiring a bored teenager to come play in the backyard with them this year. 


Lisa said...

My husband's family has a whole slough of kid activities that they traditionally do. They make little turkeys out of fudge-striped cookes, gumdrops, candycorn, frosting, and toothpicks. Then they usually make Indian headresses with various colored construction paper. Also, they trace their hands to make cut-out turkeys and write what they are thankful for, then make a huge banner of all of them on one wall. Combine with that with a couple of movies on the TV, and the kids effectively stay in the living room and away from the kitchen.

A. said...

We've only hosted at our house once or twice and it was just our kids that were little. The aunties and uncles kept them pretty busy. Where we usually go there is big group of kids and they usually try and shoo them outside. lol
You're so organized! I'm impressed just by your advance turkey purchase. lol

Mike and Jen said...

Thanks for the turkey reminder i probably would have forgotten as well!


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