Tuesday, August 11, 2009

34 weeks and pics

34 weeks exactly. Notice the puffy sleep-deprived eyes. *sigh* There is no position left that I can comfortably sleep in. The best is the lazy boy. But you should see my feet-- my right foot in particular. It looks like it belongs on a 500 lb. caveman. The children were most entertained today. Every time the thought occurred to them, they'd rush over and see if my foot was still growing into a giant.
This pose demonstrates the position I find myself in when I'm standing or walking (only to the bathroom of course since I'm on bedrest). I worry that if I don't hold up this gigantic belly it might fall off or something.

So, Friday I got discharged from the hospital to go home on bedrest. After nearly two weeks of monitoring the babies and frequently checking my cervix, they determined I was safe to go home. The babies never showed signs of distress on the monitors. And my cervix stayed at 1 cm despite the constant contractions. The doctor said I could dance around after 34 weeks. lol

However, yesterday I called my local OB to ask him if it was normal or okay that my stomach is numb. If you go out about a 4 to 5 inch radius from my belly button and draw a circle around it, the whole area is numb. It's kind of a weird sensation really-- or rather, lack of sensation. Anyways, he said it's normal since I'm so full of baby right now and something or other about the nerves and the thinness of the abdominal wall.

Then my OB told me that he discussed me at great length over the weekend with the doctor from the other hospital. And even though they believe 34 weeks is a safe time, he prefers I "lay down on my left side and not move until 35 weeks." He said, "You are on complete bedrest. No cooking. No cleaning. No shopping. You understand?" I said, "Yes sir. My mother-in-law is here and taking care of all of us nicely."

So, that's my current story-- hoping for 7 more days. Tonight I decided though, if I can make it to August 30th, that would be really good. I'll be 36 weeks 5 days. That's a special day for me. It's Danny's grandma's birthday. It's one of my best friend's birthday. It's my sister-in-law Amy's birthday. And it's the day I said good-bye to my childhood dog, Tara. So, if I can make it to 36 weeks 5 days, I'll be doing laps around the block and possibly drinking Milk of Magnesia. ;)


lvs2dance said...

ok, call me crazy... but I don't know why people keep making comments to you about your size. I would never guess that you were having twins. You really look awesome! I have seen some people that are prego with twins and they are ginormous and sorry girl, you just don't fit into that catagory yet! I would love to see a pic of these so called caveman feet though. I hope that sleeping on your left side is comfortable! Finger crossed that you make it to Aug. 30!!!

A. said...

I agree! The first thought I had when I saw your pic was, "What?! I was that big at 8 months with ONE baby inside!" lol You're looking great. Keep up the good work incubating. :)

Oh, and by the way, I remember getting a numb tummy too. For me it was the skin on teh top of my belly where it was being stretched out away from my ribs/chest. Very strange feeling.

FluffyChicky said...

You really do look wonderful! You really do!

I agree though, we need to see the caveman feet. :)

I am glad that your MIL is there to help out with the kids and everything else.

I'm crossing my fingers that you can keep those buns in the oven as long as you need to!

JoMamma said...

I'm glad to hear that your mother-in-law is there to help care for you. I think you look great. Keep your legs crossed that should keep them in.

Renee' said...

Nikki you look wonderful. It's all baby out there. I hope you can make it to Aug 30th, as I think that would make you really very happy and that's what a pregnant mommy w/twins needs. Just make the momma happy. Good luck.

Cruise to the Max said...

wow, how the heck do you remember that?...when tara died? You either have an excellent memory or you kept a joural. Sadly, I did not.

Anyway, I actually think you're looking quite skinny.

muggins mahooney said...

Nikki you look fabulous! I got numb around my belly button too. I hated when I took a shower and the water pounded on that area. Even though it was numb it still hurt. Not sure how that happens but anyway.
Hey since you're on bedrest you probably won't have this happen now, but did you ever burn your tummy when you were ironing when you were up and going? I would get burned all the time when I ironed because my tummy was sticking out so far and I wasn't used to it. I would be ironing a shirt and then I would feel the sting of a burn from the iron. I would even think to myself for a split second, "Humm why does it hurt down there?" I did it more than once too!

Laura said...

Lol to the commented above - I burned myself ironing and cooking both pregnancies.

And you look about as big as I did with both pregnancies, only I had one large baby each time.

Praying right along with everyone else that the twins stay put until God wants them out. :-)

Lora Lynn @ Vitafamiliae said...

Lookin' good, Mama! Good plan to keep those kiddos cookin' as long as you can!

Tara said...

I cannot believe, and totally agree with every comment, that you look so fantabulous!!!! Good luck, and we will pray for the 30th. I forgot your dogs name was Tara, it's a pretty cool name, I must say!

Tara said...

oh, I forgot two things.
1. Where's the picture of your foot?
2. Where is your butt girl? You really do look great! You don't look pregnant anywhere else!

Mike and Jen said...

I love your posts! haha they make me laugh and seriously I am totally imagining you running around your block nearly 37 weeks pregnant and its great! Congrats on a good pregnancy for the twins.

Nikki said...

Everyone that thinks I'm not that big, I mentioned to Danny, "Maybe they don't realize I'm only 34 weeks." And he said, "Well, that shirt masks it. You have another shirt that really shows how big you are." lol

Michelle- I've never burned my stomach. I have knocked things off counters and shelves and even knocked children down though. haha

Mark, or is it Erin?-- The day Tara died was traumatic-- burned into my memory forever.

Tara- I actually snorted quite loud at the butt comment. It's there for sure. It's just my stomach is so huge it makes my bum look so small. lol

Jen-- TOTALLY serious about running around the block and drinking Milk of Magnesia.

And everybody-- I'm still thinking about posting the foot picture. Kind of gross. Maybe if you promise to continue reading even after you see a vile humongous foot with less than pedicured toenails.

A. said...

I would most definitly keep reading. Believe me, your feet can't look any worse than mine, and I'm not even pregnant and swollen. I took a picture after my toe injury to show all on blog world, but after seeing how nasty my nail beds were on a close up I said NO WAY! haha So I understand your fears.

The Schooley's said...

Um, you look way better than me when I had only one baby in me at 34 weeks. You look sooooo great. Keep laying on your left side & let those babies cook one more week. Can't wait to see them.

Smockity Frocks said...

You are the cutest thing EVER!!!

Hooray for making it this far! And double hooray for mothers in law!

DakRat said...

I love you honey! Hang in there... or out, as the case may be. ;)

Melony said...

You're doing awesome! You've already beat me! My girls were born at 34 weeks exactly...I know how you feel with the discomfort. Hang in there! You'll get there! Wow....reading this sure brought back memories!!!!


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