Thursday, July 02, 2009

I *heart* little smokies.

I LOVE little smokies. The coming of the 4th of July and New Year's Eve always bring back memories of little smokies. But today, it was my toes on my right foot that made me think of them.

Any favorite little smokies recipes you'd care to share with me?


FluffyChicky said...

I don't have any little smokies recipes, but your comment about your toes looking like them had me spitting out my water all over the computer screen. HAHAHAH!

Big Morty said...

there are recipes? I just like to sneak them out of the bag and eat enough before the picnic that it necessitates the purchase of another bag.

Ticklemedana said...

combine chili sauce and grape jelly in a crockpot with said give em a kick, use spicy Thai chili sauce...sounds weird but OOOOOOOHHHHH SOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOD

Nay said...

Get the Pillsbury dough Crescent Rolls (you know the cans that you pop open) Cut each triagle into thirds and wrap around little smokies. Pop in 350F oven for about 11-15mins. Pigs-n-blanket!! Household fav!

Anonymous said...

2 packages Little Smokies
1 cup original flavor BBQ sauce
1/2 cup Spicy Mustard
1/4 cup Honey
1 Tbsp Cayenne Pepper
1 Lb. Gummy Bears
5 Cups Poi

Combine BBQ sauce, mustard, honey and cayenne pepper in crock-pot.

Stir until mixed well.

Add little smokies and stir until evenly covered.

Cook for 4 hours on low.

Eat gummy bears while waiting.

After cooking time, taste test two little smokies. If they taste nasty, remember you could always eat the Poi. Ah, they don't taste so bad after all, do they.

Bebe said...

Heat one package of lil smokies in equal parts grape jelly and bbq sauce. I know it sounds disgusting--trust me, it's not!

MaryRuth said...

bbq sauce and sprite... bring to a boil... then let it simmer... yuummy!


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