Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Weightless - if only for a moment

Last night I had a dream that I went to the beach. My body was weightless in the water and quite comfortable. At some point I realized that I had left Hammy in a stroller and thought to go get him. As I walked back to the stroller I thought, It feels nice to wear a swimsuit and be weightless.

Some point, not much longer after I found Hammy waking up ready to play, Danny woke me up. for real. And the breakfast he offered me was a sandwich-- that I thought was ham and cheese with mayonnaise. It wasn't. It crunched. Before the flavor hit me, I thought at that point it was egg-salad with chopped celery. But then I remembered that we don't have celery and Danny needs to buy it today and that's why there's a bowl of boiled eggs and a bowl of boiled potatoes in the fridge un-assembled into the potato salad I really wanted it to be last night. So anyways, the sandwich crunched and I felt violated. Have you ever bit into something expecting a certain taste and it just wasn't it? Well, it was peanut butter and honey. Crunchy peanut butter.

Anyways, I was grateful that Danny made me breakfast but so sad that I wasn't weightless anymore.


Nay said...

I'm not a fan of swiss cheese. Once, when I was younger, we were at friends house and she made me swiss cheese sandwich. I thought it was turkey. So instead of being rude I pretended it WAS turkey. To this day I have hard time eating turkey sandwiches unless it has many condiments on top. My husband believe PB is good for any meal! And hopefully you'll have more weightless dreams so you can a peaceful night!

Feywriter said...

Got to love how something tastes bad when you're expecting to bite into something else. Shows how much of taste is tied into mental expectation.

You'd probably relate with this:

You might be with the army if...

A. said...

ol That's quite an interesting breakfast.
Don't you just love that weightless feeling when you're pregnant?

The Schooley's said...

Too funny. Love that you felt violated by your PB & J. I would love to feel weightless some day.


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