Friday, May 29, 2009

Our little base house

So, Danny says beaded socks are completely out of the question for the twin boys. Party pooper.

A week ago we received our household goods. There is not a single room in our cracker box house that is not crowded with boxes. I estimated a week ago that I need to unpack and organize at least one dozen boxes a day to be done in time for family to visit. I really REALLY want to get to my freezer and fill it with meals. But I don't see the reality in that. I just hope a ground squirrel or raccoon doesn't find it first and make a home there.

So, Mom, ermm, I think these boxes in the living room and in the classroom might actually keep you warm and insulated from the single pane windows of this house that were installed in 1950. It's that or give birth 16 1/2 weeks early. And I'm not down with that.

What? I made a room a classroom? Yeah, I'm nuts like that. My kids don't like their own rooms. And I don't like being in a separate room from my nursing baby-- or in this case babies. So, the master bedroom will have our bed, the recliner and dresser and a crib or playpen.

Gabbers and Bun share a bedroom with 11,938 toys . . . until the yard sale that is. Then there will be like 20 toys. tops.

Pookie and mini-Pookie, I mean Ham, share a room. By the way, Ham can't say "Pookie" and instead calls him "Cookie." Pookie's real name of course is harder for Ham to pronounce-- so it's Ham and Cookie's room. They have a dresser in there that will be sold at the yard sale. They also have the changing table in there-- which I actually use. It's VERY handy for holding all the diapers and wipes and just the right height to change bums at. As of right now, Pookie just moved to the top bunk of the bunk bed. Ham has been sleeping in a playpen, but I suspect is reaching the weight limit. It's also difficult for me to lift him out of it when Danny isn't home. So, this week Ham will probably move to the bottom bunk.

And the fourth room is the classroom. Ideally, when the dozens of boxes are organized and removed, it will have our six foot table for homeschool, my desk, my glider and ottoman, and another cupboard I use to organize craft & school supplies. The room will also house my sewing machine and serger. The closet in the classroom is the largest of the three small rooms. It will be our kids' closet.

I've been reading inspirational all over the world wide web for organization and down-sizing. I've especially enjoyed this article from Neighbor Jane Payne with input from her sister's organizing. Right now this plan works for us or rather will work for us once done. But it might not when the twins are bigger.

I am feeling very grateful that we didn't buy a home and actually really excited to make this small base house work for us. I keep telling myself, "This house is like one we lived in when my dad was stationed here 20 years ago. If they could fit 2 teens, 2 preteens, and a grade school child, I can fit 6 little ones." I love a good organizing challenge. *knock on wood*

P.S. Kiddie Kwip from Memorial Day:

Nikki telling Bun for perhaps the fifth time (insert staccato where necessary): Bun, help Gabbers pick up the toys in your room and just stick them in the boxes and blue tub.

Bun with angry eyebrows: Mommy, if you say anymore bad words to me, I will put my shoes on the wrong feet!


A. said...

Are you going to be homeschooling on your own and sending in an affidavit as a private school, or doing something more like a charter or isp? I would think a charter would sound pretty good considering the money they give you towards extras, plus the added bonus of the ES (educational specialist who is assigned to you) doing all the paperwork and organization.

jenny said...

You know what helps with the small houses here? The perfect weather for sending the kids out to the yard for play:-) No months of being trapped in your house due to negative degree weather.

Rach said...

I love that he will put his shoes on teh wrong feet..if he hears bad words!! love it. AND I didn't know you had a serger..I am jealous...or for the fact that you have a working sewing machine. So exciting..I like the lineup of the bedrooms. If I remember right our garage was FILLED with crap when we lived on Cypress. right? maybe not...I was only 6. I am excited for your classroom. YEAH for babies.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Now THAT is a serious threat, Nikki. How funny.

I'm so glad Rachel's experience gives you some ideas. Keep a goin, keep a goin.

Bebe said...

Chin up! You'll be moved in, pictures on the walls, artwork on the fridge in no time! BTW--enjoyed the link to Neighbor Jane Payne!

Julie V. said...

Think about the pioneers who left nice homes to squeeze their families into little log cabins or even a dug out (hole in the side of the river bank. They'd think your little house a luxury! Helping you unpack boxes will give me something to do (other than play with grand children, help with meals, laundry, etc) while I am there...Just leave them for now. Your number one job right now is to keep those babies safe and snug a while longer. I'm looking forward to coming to help! (and will bring some fun stuff with me) We love you!

Raising Olives said...

Laughing my beaded socks off at the Kiddie Kwip! I love hearing what children come up with.

I also love a good organizing challenge.


The Schooley's said...

Well, I don't think I would be making him mad again any time soon! That is hilarious. Nikki, if anyone can make anything work it is you. Love your attitude. Tell Danny he is no fun about the bead socks! I would slip some on them just to see what he would do!


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