Tuesday, March 31, 2009

T minus four days

What does "T" mean anyway?

Today I am fever-free. I'm still hacking and coughing like a lifelong smoker, but generally feeling tons better.

The reality of our time-crunch has hit me. On Saturday I will be driving away from our Frozen North home with a vanful and uterus-ful of kids. A week and a half later Danny will join us halfway to our new base.

There are people I wanted to say good-bye to in person Sunday, but couldn't due to being so sick. Every time I think about calling these people I start to cry. Even though I am VERY excited about the location and weather of our new base, I am very sad to leave the wonderful people here. Last night I got an email from a friend that left me bawling. Now I understand how my children feel when they refuse to say goodbye to visiting grandparents. They figure if they don't say goodbye, they won't leave or it won't be over.

I ran into another friend today at the commissary. By the way, how is it I always find myself grocery shopping on payday? Anyhow, I digress. This is another friend I will greatly miss. My only hope is the military will bring our families near again.

When Danny joined the military, I was very worried about how I would cope so far away from family. Now after being here five years, I am worried about how painful it will be every time we have to move and separate friendships. Does it get easier? Or does my address book just get fatter?

So, anyways, I have quite a to-do list before I leave.

1. sew and stuff four travel kits for the kids
2. clean out the van which means: de-Cheerio and de-French fry it and make it basically not smell like a hamster cage
3. find out the best way to travel with the hamster and if hotels will allow her in
4. collect the ice cream tubs from the playroom to use as puke bowls in the van
5. attach the travel dvd players to the seats
6. install the carseats with the 5-point harnesses -- so kids can sleep easier in the van without stiff necks
7. pack all the kids clothes and mine
8. prepare snacks for the road
9. see OB on Thursday and try not cry about leaving the best OB in the world
10. prepare Pookie's snack bucket for class
11. pick up Pookie's school records and workbooks and explain there's not going to be a transfering school
12. pray the van will make it to Utah and then to California
13. remember to bring ducky towels and beaded socks for people awaiting them in Utah

I'm wasting time writing this list. haha I'm sure there's tons more things. But Danny's list is probably longer. And I'm so glad he's home. SO glad.

But the number one thing I keep thinking about is the cloth diapering post. Funny huh? So, if I find myself procrastinating more, it will be to add a little to that post.

P.S. Three-eighths of my pregnancy is done.


Raising Olives said...

I'm so happy your feeling better, but more happy that your husband is home. Life must be much, much better for you now.

I'm glad that I'm not moving. Although it would make decluttering easier.

Thanks for you comment on my 25 random things. I loved getting to know more about you!!!


jenny said...

i will be praying for you to have an easy trip (in terms of easy for people with children in the car :-)). Hopefully you'll look me up when you get here!

Abbey said...

Where are you moving? ( if you would rather e-mail it)

EveryChapter said...

I think your address book just gets fatter. :) My in-laws were military and they get over 250 Christmas cards every year.
I'm sorry I've been a lurker on your blog- I read it all the time but I hardly ever comment- but I will! I'm reforming.
And I'm with Abbey- where are you moving to? You mentioned CA and I'm in CA right near a military base. email if you'd like-

Mike and Jen said...

Why does it seem like my first year at a base I always struggle to find good friends and then when I finally find some they move away! I have decided I carry the good friend deflector gene! I am going to miss you tons and can't believe you are already leaving! I will come and see you when I come to CA in June!

Susie J. said...

Definitely the fat address book option! My list just grows longer and longer. But facebook helps, these days.

You can do it, Nikki!!

JoMamma said...

Four day... Good luck on getting everything done. I'm sure you can do it.

Nay said...

Fatter Addess book. I can't believe you're already leaving on Saturday. I miss your-current-location tons!! I still feel like I'm living in TLF, and that we'll be returning. Home here hasn't sunk in. Good luck with moving and I'll be tuning in!!

That Girl in Brazil said...

Argh ... address book gets fatter.

And I'm totally wasting time right now, too.

Piglet de' Erin said...

wow, you better get on it. I made dad 9 musubi for the trip. Maybe he will still have some and share them with you. it will be fun to see you.

Laurie/Mom/Grandma said...

This move reminds me of one of our moves a few years ago. Sara was born two weeks early. On the day she was born, we discovered that Kathy had chicken pox. Ten days later, Matthew and Lisa got the pox. I was grateful that Sara was born early because we were scheduled to move (We pack, U-Haul, Elders Quorum loads, me drive the car with kids, Bryce drive the truck) when she would have been three weeks old. As it was, she was five weeks old, and the chicken pox had passed. Oh, and the move was from Oregon to Idaho. Good luck. We're sure thinking about you. It really is hard to leave those wonderful warm people in the frozen north! I think of them every day.

The Schooley's said...

Yep, your address book just gets better. I have found this time moving that I am terrible at it. Not good at all. In fact I gave myself a big fat F!! Grin. The best of luck with everything & I can't wait to see new posts in the new house. Are you homeschooling Pookie??

SuperCoolMom said...

Good luck! Drive Safe!

Anonymous said...

T = Time
As in the Time of a certain event. So, T minus 10 minutes would be ten minutes until the exact moment of some event. Such as T minus 12.3 seconds until this comment is posted once I finish typing. ;)


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