Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ham & my doctor's appointments

I just got home from the doctor. I have acute bronchitis. The horrible headache is probably a migraine brought on by pregnancy hormones. The migraine is likely the cause of the vomitting. The doctor said my lungs "almost sounded like pneumonia but not quite." whatever. He prescribed an antibiotic for the bronchitis and also an inhaler to help me breathe.

An hour after my appointment I checked Ham in 30 minutes early for his appointment. I nearly fainted at the desk. When the nurse called us back to the room she asked me to sit down. Then she asked how I was feeling.

I was like, "Me? Oh, this appointment is for Hammie. I just saw the doctor."

She said, "Who did you see and how long ago?" And then, "Did the doctor know you were dizzy then?"

I told her, "No, the dizziness just started right after I got off the elevator. I had gone up to the second floor to look for a snack for him (Ham) in between appointments but there weren't change machines. But I think I'll be fine now that I'm sitting."

This was not satisfactory for her. She took my blood pressure with me lying down, then my blood pressure sitting up, and last my blood pressure standing. Another technician brought me a bottled water and then a nice nurse brought me some saltine crackers she found in her desk saying, "I don't know how old these are. They might be stale, but they should help."

The crackers were gross but I choked down three as the nurse was starting the vitals on Ham. I drank most of the bottled water and was feeling much more stable and thanked her for her thoughtfulness.

The doctor came in to see Ham. Ham didn't want to play along after the whole rectal temperature episode. He giggled and laughed at the doctor's little tricks to get him to open his mouth and stick out his tongue. But he wouldn't do it. I had to pry his mouth open. And when it came time to look in his ears, that was tricky. That Ham is strong!

It turns out Ham's lungs sounded pretty good but he does have a double ear infection.

I think as long as Bun doesn't get sick we're doing good. Since Gabbers, Ham, and mine are all bacterial now and we're on antibiotics, we're not contagious.

Danny gets home in 2 days. I can't wait to be rescued.


Raising Olives said...

Praying that you feel better soon. I don't know how you do it. I'm glad that you only have 2 more days!!!


jenny said...

You poor thing! I think the same junk is going around here. We have some colds, and Mikey has an ear infection. I'm having Mikey avoiding the masses for the next week so he'll not be sick next week when he's suppose to get ear tubes in and adenoids out.

SO said...

I hope you all get feeling better fast!

Rach said...

OH my goodness. You need a day off. I hope you feel better SOON. We will pray for you.

Smockity Frocks said...

Hang in there, Nikki! I'm Praying for you.

A. said...

Oh Nikki - you and your family are in my prayers. You've certainly had your hands full (and then some!) since Danny's been gone. :(

I'm sure you know all the tricks in the book, having 4 kids and all, but I wanted to throw out some tips that help us get well faster.

For ear infections:
*I cut out all dairy and bad carbs until they are healed.
*I also elevate their beds and their sleeping positions to help drainage.
*Garlic ear oil does wonders!

For the coughs:
* I bake an onion whole at 350 for about 20-30 minutes and then just set it on my bedside. or you can just cut a raw one in half and set it there.
* Lots of steam from the shower in a closed bathroom while clapping your chest or back (obviouslt not your OWN back :P ).

I hope you are all better soon. I can't even imagine being pregnant, sick, AND taking care of two little sickies as well.


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