Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Triplets Story part 6: Danny's response.

Grinning, worrying I was giving it all away already, I said, "Good. I need to tell you something. You should probably sit down."

Danny didn't want to sit down. He gave me this look that said, whatever you're about to trick me with isn't going to work. He continued making peanut butter and honey sandwiches for the kids.

I said, "Okay, then I'll just tell you with this." I reached into my coat pocket and as I pulled out the Combos snacks I said, "I'll tell you with this clue. I just wanted to say that the combo for this pregnancy is . . ." I pulled out the 3 Musketeers bar and said, "this."

I tried really hard not to grin. I tried to keep a straight face while he interpreted my message.

Danny set down the butter knife he was using to make sandwiches. He looked at the two treats and said,


I grinned, "Yes."

"No," he said in disbelief.

"Yes," I said with even more confidence.

"No," he replied yet again.

"Yup," I said almost laughing.

"Naaaah," he persisted.

"YES." I insisted.

"You're lying. No way."

"It's true," I cheesed really big. "We're having triplets."

"You would've told me on the phone if you found that out," he very confidently said.

"I know! It was really hard not to. But Candace helped me stay strong," I giggled.

Danny, still staring at the Combos and 3 Musketeers bar, no longer making sandwiches and barely breathing said weakly, "I need to call my mom."

"No way! Me first!" I demanded. "They're in my stomach, I get to call MY mom first."

"What are we going to do with 7 kids? SEVEN kids?! We'll have 5 in diapers if Bun doesn't figure out potty training. We'll need to buy a bus. Not even Pookie is big enough to sit in a seat without a booster. My gosh, TRIPLETS!" He got it. My clues worked.

"Candace gave me this," I said pulling out the Hershey kisses. "You might need them more than me."

Danny chuckled.

I said, "We're having triplets! Can you believe it! I always thought twins would be cool. I never expected going in there and discovering I was having TRIPLETS! Man, I'm going to have stretchmarks from my neck down to my ankles."


Bebe said...

Isn't it fun springing that kind of info on the hubby? But he seems to have taken it well. My suggestion, start looking for a bigger car! We had to upgrade from a small sedan to a Sequoia!

Laura said...

how fun!!! And impressive that he didn't pass out - my hubby would have for sure, LOL!

This is all so exciting Nikki - what a wonderful blessing! :-)

tami said...

he took it well!! i am loving this !!

So said...

So you got to call your mom first right? Or do you have each have a cell phone so you could call them both at the same time?

Haddorkus said...

Holy cow, Nikki! I am in shock. That is beyond incredible. You always talked about your seven to eight kids. Dan says it was probably because your clock was expiring and you had to get them all at once, isn't that so sweet?

Seriously, super awesome. I hope you stay well.

Laurie/Mom/Grandma said...

I hope you are still feeling well. We sure are excited for you.

Tynel said...

I am lovin the narrative! You should write a book or something! I'm glad Danny took it well and hope things are moving along great!

A. said...

hahaha! I would have had the same thought about myself....stretch marks from my neck to my ankles. hahaha! It's all so worth it though, isn't it! :)

Julie V. said...

I think it's awesome that Dan wanted to call his mom.....


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