Monday, February 02, 2009

The Triplets Story part 1: The pregnancy tests

January 14th, after library story time downtown, I took the three younger kids to the mall to run some errands. I stopped in Target and picked up a double pack of Target's generic brand of pregnancy tests. When I got home I took one test, and waited and watched. Nothing happened. Nothing at all. There was nothing at one minute, three minutes, or even ten minutes. The test was completely a dud. Not even the test window showed the "guaranteed line." I was annoyed and reasoned Well, I think I had a period in December anyway so it's probably too early anyhow. But I couldn't stop thinking about it. I called Danny and told him about the cheapo crap test I took and that I'd be calling the company in the morning for a refund. He said I shouldn't take the second test for a few more days- at the very least, I should wait until the next morning. He knows I burn through pregnancy tests like candy. I buried the "defective test" in the trash.

Danny got home from work later that evening and as he was helping the children get dinner ready, I went upstairs to use the bathroom. That's when I noticed someone had dug the pregnancy test out of the trash and it was lying on the top. Both lines were visible. This was HOURS after I had taken it though. I came shrieking down the stairs, "Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness!" Danny said before I could tell him, "I saw it. And it doesn't count because it was past the ten minutes anyways." I reasoned with him that obviously some kind of hormone was there to make both lines show up. He argued that they were "evaporation lines." But they were dark purple- very deliberate lines. So I did what any sane girl would do, I called my sister (Leslie) to get her opinion. She was excited about the possibility with me and encouraged me to take the other test. Then if it didn't work like it was supposed to, I could get new name-brand tests the next day and a refund from the Target generic brand company. I waited for my bladder to fill, determined not to water-down any hormone with too much water. When I had the tiniest inkling of a tinkling, I went upstairs discreetly, got the test and took it into the ducky bathroom. I locked the door. I took out my cellphone to time the three minutes. I took the test and just as soon as the cap was on and I was setting it on a flat surface like the instructions indicate, both lines were there!

The next morning I called my primary care physician to get a referral for an OB. They directed me to the lab to get a pregnancy test from them. Danny got off work early so I could go to the lab and take the mandatory-for-referral pregnancy test. I requested it be a blood test so it would be the most accurate.

The nurse from my primary care physician called me within 1 1/2 hours to tell me it was positive and to give me my info on my date for attending the OB orientation- or what Danny and I call, "The How to be Pregnant Class." You have to attend the OB orientation to get your prenatal vitamins and referral to the OB. I called the lady in charge of the OB classes the next day and explained to her that I've attended three of those classes since being here and could I possibly cut this one short. She agreed to let me do paperwork and pick up my vitamins. The class was scheduled for January 27, but I had already picked out my OB by then and set my appointment for after that time.

to be continued . . .


JoMamma said...

This is so exciting. You take care of yourself and those special babies. You are in my thoughts and prayers. I can't wait to hear more of the triplet stories.

A. said...

I got the full story from your mom (well...via my mom, haha!). I've just been on cloud 9 since hearing. It's just such big news. I'm so happy for you. Can't wait to hear the Part 2 (and 3? and 4? I dunno...)!

Andrea said...

Wow, triplets! Congratulations!


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