Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Today in numb3rs

4 days- Danny leaves for training

5 weeks- the length of the training

1715 miles- the distance to the training

15 days- time after Danny returns back to the Frozen North to pack up and move family

1800- how many miles to our new base

3- number of pounds I've lost since being pregnant

2- number of babies I'm still carrying

9 weeks 1 day- what the bigger baby is measuring

8 weeks 4 days- what the baby who lost her roommate is measuring

1- number of preschoolers I'm potty-training

253,987- number of jelly beans I've used for bribery in the potty training

139- number of dishes sitting in my sink (and on the high chair, dining table, and countertops) while I blog

30- how many minutes MAX I can go without food


MaddieLynn said...

Did you say the baby who lost her roommate? It's a girl?

Nikki said...

lol MaddieLynn- I don't know yet if they are girls or boys. In about 10 weeks we'll know. But to say, "its roommate" sounds so impersonal.

Laura said...

Funny how life can be measured in numbers, isn't it?

Will your new home be somewhere a tad bit warmer??? :-)

So said...

I'm impressed that you know the exact number of jelly beans used in bribery ;)

15 days after he gets home huh? That's crazy. I hope it's warmer where you are moving to!

JoMamma said...

I also hope you get to move somewhere warmer.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Somedays numbers are all that count.

Hang in there.

Piglet de' Erin said...

I am so sad that one of the babies went back to heaven. I hope you are feeling better.

Did you find out exactly where you're going? let me know.

Nikki said...

Jen- seriously? hahahaha maximum hahaha

Amy- No, we did not chart or do natural family planning. It all started a long time ago when we prayed about it and felt that our answer was "children will come when it is the right time". That was 10 years ago. I think the Lord has pretty good timing for us. :) Not to say I haven't felt desperate at times and sad at others-- I still believe it is all the Lord's will.

Shanna- I love to count. I might be off by a few thousand on the jelly beans. hehe There was a post a looooong time ago talking about the huge amount of "Why's" I get in a day. I did count then. haha

Everyone else- Thank you so much for your prayers and encouragement. It means a lot to me. :)

And a few people have asked my due date. I think it is between September 11th and September 20th. The doctor has yet to give me a due date. And I can't remember my last period.

Ticklemedana said...

My best friend has twin siblings...they call each other their "Wombmates"...very appropos, don't you think? =)

Julie V. said...

The counting can be fun, but also a little overwhelming! Wow. I'd suggest you count how many people love you and are praying for you, but the number is probably so high, it's not possible!

A. said...

I can't wait to find out where you guys are headed! I did a little google mapping to see just how far 1800 miles would bring you, and we are right about in that range. I know there is a base a little south of us. hmmmm.. Wishful thinking on my part. :D

I think your stance on "God's timing for babies" is perfect. I completely agree. :)

lvs2dance said...

Ok, I just played catch up on your blog... HOLY COW! You were expecting triplets??? I am sorry about the loss of one of the babies. So now HOLY COW you are having twins???!!! I am totally jealous! I want to have twins so bad...a boy and a girl. Chris says that we are done. PERIOD. so I don't really see that in the cards for us. Congrats on everything, I hope that you have a very low key pregnancy and best of luck with the laundry. I say that it is time to teach pookie how to do it! LOL


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