Monday, February 16, 2009

Dear Journal, the laundry list

Dear Journal,
Today I go in for another ultrasound. My doctor wants to try to determine if the triplets each have their own gestational sac. We have been praying for three separate gestational sacs and three separate placentas. The complications are increased exponentially if they are sharing. Originally in the ER, the ultrasound technician, Shana, determined there were two gestational sacs- one baby in one, two babies in the other. The next day at my regularly scheduled OB visit my doctor thought he detected three separate sacs. That was two weeks ago today. Hopefully they will be a little more defined and obvious today.

Last night I had a dream (Danny says it was a nightmare) that when I went in for my ultrasound my doctor found five gestational sacs with six babies. I think I need to not watch Jon & Kate plus 8 anymore.

This past Friday I had a bit of a procrastinating day. I had big plans to completely catch up on laundry. There were a couple of loads to be washed still- but more than that, there were about five loads that already were washed and needed to be folded. As I was folding the laundry I had visions of three more piles of tiny clothes to fold too. That was too much for me. I stopped folding and went and watched back episodes of Jon & Kate plus 8 on

I justified myself saying that I would be learning some organizational tips and general sanity tips by watching that family of two sets of multiples. Then, still feeling a bit too guilty for shirking my household duties, I decided to bead socks as well. I beaded socks for five different girls. Then I started thinking about how I might have three tiny pairs of girl feet growing inside me and I should bead socks for them as well. But I didn't because I have a bagful of size 0-6 month socks already beaded. I decided I'd wait and find out for sure around 20 weeks how many boys or girls I'm having. Then I'll make IDENTICAL beaded socks. Brilliant plan. Oh yeah, the laundry. *sigh* This is my fate.

P.S. If anyone has any good organizational tips for how to handle four children in diapers (hoping for four if Bun every finishes his training it will just be four) please leave a comment or link.

P.P.S. I mean like, where to keep all the diapers and wipes, or should I use my cloth, scheduling changes, stuff like that. I'm open to suggestions right now.


Lora Lynn @ Vitafamiliae said...

I had three in diapers for awhile. I ended up with four kids two and under, but I had the twins potty trained by then. My suggestion: whatever type diaper you use, keep them in a basket by the couch. Keep the wipes under the couch. That way if you have to camp out in the living room all day, you don't have to leave.

I did use cloth diapers when all three of mine were in diapers and I don't think it was that bad. Just the sheer volumes of diapers made it more doable because I had enough for a load every day. But no one would blame you for using disposables. I have five under five now and I definitely use disposables.

Smockity Frocks said...

I'm waiting for my friend, mom to 11 (1 set of twins and 1 set of quads) to finish my interview questions so I can post it on my blog. I told her about your triplets and that you would have 7, 7 and under. Maybe she'll have some tips for you.

Bebe said...

Early on, I made it a rule that diapers were only changed at the changing table. This kept the clutter (and the stinky diaper smell) from taking over the house. A Diaper Genie or Diaper Champ also helps with the smell that is inevitable with so many diapers.


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