Wednesday, January 14, 2009

WFMW- kitchen towels storage

You know how when you get a great idea you want to share it? Well, I had a BRILLIANT idea that has worked for us. Come to find out, other people have the same idea too. haha But I'll share it anyway- because we are loving how simple and easy it is.
We keep our kitchen dish towels and our kitchen washcloths under the kitchen sink.
Easier access where we need them most.
We don't keep cleaning supplies underthere.
We don't have enough drawer or shelf space.
Ham is not interested in hauling them off. So they are safe there.
The kids know where they go when helping to put laundry away.
It's very simple, and yet very handy for us. But if we were to have a pipe burst, that would be another story. ;)
Tune in tomorrow for dish towel kid aprons. SOOOO easy and cute!


Lorie said...

That is where we kept them as a kid and where I would love to keep them now, but we have this huge annoying water purifier thing that takes up all the room under my sink.

But they are in a basket in the cupboard next to the sink, so it is the next best thing.

Mike and Jen said...

Okay so I just read your whole blog and wanted to leave yet another comment! I think you are a super mom and I absolutely love having you in the ward! I was sooo bummed today when you told me you guys only have like 8 more months here! What the heck it seems like I always meet the fun people who make me feel better about myself with their humor right before they leave. I vow right now to make the most of the next eight months!

jenny said...

3 posts in 3 days. I'm so happy to have you back blogging! Although, sorry for your bad days.

Sharon said...

What a great idea. I've started throwing my dirty clothes in a basket under the sink so they're all in one place but this may be a better use of that space.



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