Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Dear Journal, sorry about yesterday.

Dear Journal,

Once, when I was the secretary in Young Women's (at church), we had a lesson on gratefulness. I recall this lesson quite vividly because whoever taught- and I honestly can't remember, had a list of ways to see the gratitude in every situation. Right off, Neighbor Jane Payne comes to mind. She's just one of those people who is happy and positive, and grateful, and thinks before she speaks. Anyways, I digress, in the list I remember one thing being, "I am grateful my husband leaves his socks laying around the house- because this means I HAVE a husband." And of course, I can't remember the other things to share. But they were like, "I'm grateful I'm 5 or 10 or 20 or (ahem *cough* 70 *cough*) pounds over-weight, because this means I have enough food to eat and don't go hungry.

It was a ridiculous list but very effective in teaching gratefulness- and not whining.

I am grateful to be living in a sub-human zero climate so that our school district feels the need to send a bus to every child's house to pick them up for school.

I am grateful that they sent a list describing the exact minute the bus would arrive and leave. 8:41 arrive, 8:42 depart.

I am grateful for people who make New Year's Resolutions including the bus driver who I am SURE decided she would never be late again. That's a good goal. Really. And one of my goals too this year. She (bus driver) was early today. She came during that minute that I was crouched down helping Pookie put his boots back on. And she was gone before I knew she even came.

I am grateful for kind and patient staff at my son's elementary school. They were very patient with me when I called and said, "Do we have late start today for school? Cuz the bus should've been here 14 minutes ago." Christy replied, "Well the roads are a little bad. Perhaps they're a little behind." I said, "Okay, we'll just watch for it. Thank you so much."

I am grateful for a patient and obedient husband. hehe When I called him at 9:20 a.m. and said, "The number to Pookie's school is ______ please call and ask them if the bus is still coming," he did.

I am grateful for Christy at the school who when I called and said, "I'm still waiting for the bus. We have been looking out the window since 10 minutes BEFORE the scheduled time." Christy said, "All the buses have arrived. Here's the number for transportation. You can call and ask them what happened."

I am grateful that transportation didn't pick up the phone when I called in tears, so upset that Pookie was going to be considered tardy- and still not knowing we had missed the bus. And I'm grateful for answering machines- though not for the message I left. It was hasty-sounding and I'm sure my voice was raised.

I am grateful for the next-door neighbor who even though I knocked on the door until she got out of the shower, answered it kindly and explained the bus arrived at 8:39 a.m. today.

I am grateful for the several inches of snow I had to shovel off the van today. At least we aren't having a drought.

I am grateful that all my children have coats and boots to where.

I am grateful that all my kids were excited to go out in the fun snow to take Pookie to school.

I am grateful for Danny's massive boots that I wore into school looking like "that mom" with all "those kids" as I signed Pookie into the office. Otherwise, my feet would not be with me now.

I am SO grateful they didn't make Pookie feel bad for being late.

I am grateful I had all the kids packed in the van- because then I was prepared to go to the commissary.

I am grateful the transportation office still didn't pick up their phone when I called with an apology about the previous message.

And half-way to the commissary I thought of Susan saying to turn on all the lights- let the light in! I cried tears of joy, because through what I thought was an insane morning so far- I got sunlight streaming through the tears and I felt better.

When I took the groceries in the house and came back out, I had a lapse of memory and forgot we had a step. Maybe it was because of the snow as high as it- whatever the case...

I am grateful I stepped right off that step not remembering it was there and jarring my back a little, because I CAN walk, and I have a healthy strong back that has since forgiven me.

And still forgetting I was wearing mammoth mountain-man boots making me taller, and that the snow packed under my feet was also making me taller...

I am grateful I smacked my head on the open door of the van while taking out groceries, because it knocked some sense into me.

I have groceries! I am so grateful to have them. This could've been an awful day. The bus could've been on time (haha not early) when we looked. And I might not EVER have left the house. And had all these aha! moments.

Thanks for listening Journal. ;)


P.S. And I am grateful that BOTH underwires quit their job today and came out of my bra. They were uncomfortable anyway.


MaryRuth said...

I'm sorry it was rough morning but I loved your post!

And I guess that I'm thankful that I'm extra extra extra warm because after having this sweet wonderful baby I'm now 90lbs instead of 50lbs overweight. Ugh. Ick. Yuck.

p.s. I'm grateful for your blog that teaches me how to be a domestic goddess :)

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

What a funny twist, Nikki! I especially loved your gratitude for your underwires not showing up for work today.

Rach said...

I am grateful for an awesome sister who can always make me laugh. Be grateful you NEED underwires.

Susan said...

Oh Nikki! You are priceless! Thanks for a great post that teaches us to be grateful...for everything.

Love ya!

A. said...

HA! I'm with glad you NEED underwires. haha! Hmm... although, 3 kids later, I'm starting to look like I need them just to put htings back up at the right level. :P

i'm glad you are feeling better...I can tell by the fact that you can put out a post like this on top of the rough morning you had.

p.s. I would have an issue with ANY school that gave my kid a hard time for being late when they aren't even old enough to drive themselves to school. Sure they can help by being ready and cooperative with mom in the morning, but seriously...

Tiffany Chamblee Funn said...

I'm grateful for you reminding me of what is really important!

Mrs. Morty said...

We haven't had a lick of snow or ice or even rain for that matter. My bulbs are all coming up and think it's spring and when it gets cold they will all die :(
Sorry about the bummer day, you can be grateful your seasons aren't messing up your fall gardening :) Hope things are going better for you, you are amazing!!

Mike and Jen said...

Dear Nikki's journal, I am grateful for Nikki and her blog because if I didn't know her I would think I was the only one with so many things to be grateful for! You make me laugh!

Julie V. said...

Sounds like a really tough morning! I'm so glad you made the effort to let your gratitude and humor poke through all those prickly moments.


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