Thursday, January 15, 2009

Apron supplies

I forgot the bias tape. As soon as I find my ribbon, which I used last time to make kid aprons, I will make an easy walk-through of how to make them.

Here are the basic supplies if you want to gather them:

kitchen hand towel (for the apron body)
ribbon or bias tape (for the ties)
sewing machine

If you can cut a straight line and sew a straight line- you can make this apron. Details later. Maybe even today! hahaha


Leslie said...

These sound so cute! I'm looking forward to seeing a photo of them when you finish.

Rach said...

CAN'T WAIT, I need some new aprons.

Blue Castle said...

What a really great idea! I was just thinking of making some aprons for my friend's daughters. This would work very nice. Thank you!


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