Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Dear Journal- so this is Christmas

Dear Journal,

Today Danny threw away the turkey that was intended for Christmas dinner. We took it out of the freezer on Thursday or Friday (can't remember which) and put in fridge to thaw. Sunday night I realized it had thawed all over the unwrapped pizza in the fridge- the pizza that we'd all been eating all afternoon.

I expect any moment for the entire family, maybe not Danny perhaps, to come down with a virulent case of salmonella poisoning.

The ribbons have been stripped from the tree. Hammie ate half the ornaments and licked the other half.

I haven't acquired anything for Danny for Christmas and tomorrow is Christmas Eve. Well that's not exactly true. I did buy him an emergency compressor kit. But it doesn't work. We know that because we tried it on the flat tire the van got on my way to Christmas shop in negative 40 degree weather.

In happier news, I made REAL whipped cream from cream off of fresh milk. I felt so domesticated. Today I will make pie crusts from lard instead of shortening- VERY excited about that. And we've decided to have roast beef for Christmas dinner. That should prove MUCH easier than turkey prep and trimmings. I think I'll go all out and fix some Yorkshire pudding with it.

And for my cloud with a silver lining, I forgot to put the milk away yesterday after my friend Jill dropped it off (she's in my milk co-op). It sat on the table in the ice chest for probably 3 hours. But lucky me, it's much colder in my kitchen than it is in the fridge! So the milk is fine. I skimmed the fat off the top of the first gallon and poured the rest in a pitcher. I will make some more whipped cream today that will be fresh for Christmas pies.

Thanks so much for listening journal. I feel better now.



Feywriter said...

Our Christmas dinner is going to be roast beef as well. I hope it works out. I've never cooked one myself.

My husband and I decided years ago not to buy each other Christmas gifts. Instead, we go out and buy one big gift for both of us. Last year it was an HDTV.

I hope no one gets sick, and that you end up having a lovely Christmas.

*hugs for you and family*

Leslie said...

You should email Mary the no-fail roast beef recipe of Mom's. We are making roast beef, too - yummy! And yorkshire pudding - I can't wait!

That's too bad about the turkey - did it go bad, too? Is that why you chucked it?

Here are some Christmas shopping ideas for Dan:

*sweat pants
*pajama bottoms
*itunes gift card
*flashlights & batteries
*camping lanterns (if you camp)
*if you do camp - there is cool stuff in the camping section that you can throw in the fire to change it colors - can't remember the name but it's about $4
*fleece socks
*his favorite flavor of pop-tarts or cereal
*a magazine from a topic he might like
*insulated/battery operated mug (I just discovered these) - it would keep hot chocolate warm all the way to work maybe.
*battery organizer (it holds all the different shapes/sizes batteries - Troy got one for us this year and we love it)
*second pair of gloves or hat for his car - to stay in there

Good luck with your shopping!

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Nikki, I so hope the salmonella bug stays far away from you.

Hooray for fresh whipped cream from fresh milk. That cream makes the best caramels, too, if you're ever so inclined.

Good luck shopping. I'm in the same boat as you. I had a great gift idea for Calvin but then someone else in the family took it. Darn. It was a great idea, too.

Hang in there....


A. said...

Finally! I've been missing you.

So sorry about the Turkey... I'll be praying that no one gets sick. How awful!

After I made homemade whipped cream, we've never gone back. it's too eaasy and good. And I like that I can adjust the sweetness based on what I've made (less sweet if it's for a very sweet dessert, or more sweet if the item is not too sugary).

Danny's gift... hmm... your gift to him could come after the kids go to sleep Christmas night. :D

FluffyChicky said...

Um, bummer about the salmonella pizza...shudder...hope that skips your house!!

Your domesticity skills are amazing...I don't even have the slightest idea what Yorkshire Pudding is...

Merry Christmas!

Tara said...

so sorry about your turkey and pizza poisoning. Hopeflly everyone is well and not puking.
And at least you cooked your meat for Christmas, we just bought a ham that was already cooked.
I wish I could try some of your whipped cream, yummy.
The only thing that I am worried about is the fact that your kitchen is colder than your fridge, that's pretty chilly. :) Stay warm in the cold frozen north.

Tiffany Chamblee Funn said...

Happy New Year! Very cute blog. Now we'll be able to keep in touch better!


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